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Zoii Baran
Zo Barona 2
Student Info
Career Unknown
Reputation  ???
Club Gaming
Age 16
Persona Loner
Crush Budo Masuta
Additional Info None
Zoii Baran is an OC student created by NumberOnett. She is a self-insert.


Zoii has short yellow hair typically held in a short low ponytail to her side with a black scrunchie. She has green eyes and pale skin. She wears the default female uniform.

She formerly had short black hair that was a recolor of Shima's old hairstyle.


She prefers to stay away from others. She also has a deep passion for video games and drawing. She is strongly irritated by repetitive noises. She is known for occasionally having difficulty in getting her words out and for raising her voice at times without meaning to. She is quick to anger.


With canon characters

Budo Masuta: She has a crush on him. She believes that he doesn't deserve her, driving her to not act on these feelings.



  • She always has a large pad of paper and drawing supplies on her


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