Zeitakuna Resu is an OC that belongs to Zeitakuna Resu-chan and Marena Resu-tan mainly for roleplaying

and Fanworks. She is the little sister to Marena Resu. She tends to copy her older sister.


Zeitakuna has short violet hair, her right-hand (to her) bang is longer than the rest of her hair. She has a small curl situated on the top of the left-hand side of her head. She has navy eyes, fair skin and soft purple lipstick. She has a bust size of 1.4 and she is 4' 7" feet tall.


Her old school was an asylum in her opinion, and no one but her older sister liked her. She lived in the quiet, boring side of Sisuta/Shisuta town until she was over 15 when her family moved to Buraza town. Unlike what many parents wanted, she could understand mild swears.


She would walk into the school just before her sister on the left side, then go to her locker to change into her indoor ankle boots. She then sits under the north-western sakura tree in the plaza until her classes in 1-1 start. At lunch time, she gets her lunch from her locker and sits under her favourite tree to eat. She goes back to her classes after lunch, then heads to the Art club until the end of the school day.


Though she is primarily evil, thus she will compliment the murderer if she sees murder. If there is no known murderer, she will smile at the dead body. She is undeniably shy. She also tries to seem more mature by wearing make-up. Once found out, she becomes somewhat cuter.


Ari En

Zeita is helplessly in love, in a way, with him. She first met him when visiting the school library to get a book to read, but she was too short to reach the book she wanted. She was ecstatic when she found out they were in the same class. When he found out she wore make-up to look more mature, he asked her for some, leading her to put some eyeshadow on him with a slight feather effect in his favorite color of sorts.

She finds his cowardly little mannerisms adorable.


  • Zeitakuna has a voice similar to the vocaloid Lapis Aoki.
  • She has played around with MMD before.
  • She has a thing for the supernatural and likes anyone who gives a supernatural vibe (to her) off, this is possibly why she likes Ari En so much.


Zeitakuna Resu's generalised profile

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