This OC belongs to Cyrax aka RyanCannotDraw (Soon to be User:DuckPimp). Please ask for his permission before using~!


Zakarī wears a white and black frog-like mask, much like Zacharie from OFF. He has light brown skin, and dark circles by his mouth, almost like the mouth of a frog. When not at school, he wears a plain white t-shirt, black jeans and black sneakers.


Zakarī is a mysterious, mischievous young man. He is often asked what is under his mask, and he just smiles, and replies "A face.", often annoying people. He tends to hang out on the roof, occasionally hitting on female students. He often mixes spanish and french terms with his english, mostly to annoy people.


  • He's based off of Zacharie from Mortis Ghost's OFF
  • His last name means 'The merchant'
  • I love him so much ;;v;;
  • In non-serious RPs, if someone attempts to take off his mask, he will have another mask underneath it


"Ahh, thank you~" -When complimented

"Would you mind stopping? Thank you~" -When complimented too much

"Oh dear, that doesn't happen be blood, does it?" -When seeing a blood stain on the floor or a person

"Oh my.." -When finding a corpse

"Disgusting." -When seeing a limb or a dismembered corpse



"Would you mind putting that down, amigo?" -When someone's holding a weapon


  • Portrait by Avnore

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