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Zack has dirty-blonde wild-ish bob cut hair with most of his bangs parted to his right side almost covering his right eye. He has red eyes and he's Caucasian. He wears the default uniform with the jacket unbuttoned unless changed by the player. He wears a art barret showing that he is in the art club.


Zack looks the same except he will wear the 3rd year male uniform.


Zack is a very protective yet lazy person. He really doesn't like to be forced to do things, mostly if it involves physical activities like running. He mostly keeps a neutral expression towards most people. He doesn't seem to trust anyone except if they're his friend. It's actually not to hard to befriend him however, he usually is willing to trust people if he knows them pretty well and if they're not a bully, a backstabber, or simply not too annoying and if they're a bit responsible. He's usually seen sitting on a bench chatting with his friends and drawing. Despite that he's kind of lazy he's pretty strong. The reason is, because he (reluctantly) trains himself when he's at home is because when he was younger he almost lost all of his loved ones to a burglar, making him swore to his heart that he'll never let anyone mess with his sister and his friends. If Zack finds out that he failed his promise to himself(meaning that his sister and all of his friends are dead) Zack will commit suicide. Zack's more expressive when he is with his friends.


Chiyo Casella has stolen his sketchbook on an attempt to get him to be more active. Zack's sketchbook is one of his most prized possessions and he can't seem to find where she put it.

Okay, so Chiyo, you know blue hair, pink streak, wears goggles, and like angry everyday. She stole my sketchbook and I can't get it back, can you help me find it please?
— If player asks Zack for his task
*sigh* Okay then...
— If player rejects his task
Thank you, be sure to let me know if you find it, please!
— If player accepts his task
Oh my god, yes! You found it! Thank you soo much!
— If you complete his task

Zack's sketchbook is located inside of Chiyo's locker in the shower room. To get inside the player must figure out her locker's code. To do this the play must stalk Chiyo as she will whisper to herself her locker's code when she opens her locker.

If you complete his task he will be willing to distract other students for you.

Reaction to Suspicious Actions

I think this person is dangerous, you should avoid them.
-When Zack gossips about you

(His friends and his sister will trust him more if your reputation is below neutral, meaning that they'll refuse to talk to you(unless you befriend them))

Bloody Clothing- Zack will question you(High Atmosphere) Gossip about you to his cared ones meaning that they will avoid you.(Med-Low atmosphere)

Suspicious Weapons- Underthink it and ignore you(High) Gossip about you to loved ones.(Med-Low)

Evil Laughing- Giggle with you in confusion(High-Med) Gossip about you.(Low)

Medium or Low Sanity- Zack will gossip about you to his loved ones.

Blood on Ground- Zack will just think it's ketchup and ignore it(High-Med) Convince loved ones to leave(Low)

Low Reputation-

Panty Shots- Zack would giggle and blush a bit unless you try to take a panty shot of his sister(His face would turn red and he will gossip about you, however your reputation wont be damaged that much).

H-hey! Quit it!
-If Zack sees you take a panty shot  of Brittney Witherfield

Reaction to Murder

Zack has the Faithful persona. His strength is Very Strong.

Acquaintances- Pretend not to react and tell his friends to leave school with him. If you befriend him he will not tell his friends

Friends, Sister, or/and Crush- Attempt to kill you. If all of his friends are dead he will try to kill you, if he succeeds he will then end his own life.

Enemies- Would show a little bit of satisfaction however he would still convince his friends to leaveIf you're friends with Zack he wont tell anybody about what he saw.

If Zack sees you kill alll of his friends and his sister he will attempt to kill you and then he will end his own life.


  1. Enter School and change shoes
  2. Chat with his best friends
  3. Head to class 3-2 and stay there until Lunch
  4. Chat with best friends
  5. Head to class 3-2 and stay there until school is over
  6. Heads to the Art Club
  7. Participates in club activity
  8. Changes shoes
  9. Go home


Steven Blackwind-

He is friends with him. He's unaware of Steve's random small and short crushes on him.

Chiyo Casella

They argue a lot about little things, mostly about Zack refusing to engage in physical activities. They are friends...kind of..

He hates the fact that she bugs him to "actually do something productive" besides just sitting down and drawing. It actually got up to the point where she took his sketchbook away, making him very upset.

Odessa Casella

His classmate and his crush. They're friends and he doesn't know that Odessa likes him back. Zack because tense a lot when he's around her making him stutter if he talks to her. He gazes at her during class a lot not necessarily paying attention to the lesson. If Odessa confesses her feelings to him they'll become a couple, Zack would also not become so tense towards her.

Brittney Witherfield- His younger sister, he is very protective of her as she is his only family member that's still alive. He isn't too happy about her annoying other people, especially people that get angered easily. Both agreed to continue living together when they're done with school. Zack will obviously kill you if you kill her. If she's dead Zack's sanity will harshly drop.


  • According to Google translate his name is "Zakku~izāfīrudo"
  • Zack doesn't know how to swim, making this an advantage if the player is near the swimming pool while fighting him.
  • Zack is very ticklish which may be another advantage to the player if he's defending himself or attacking the player.
  • Zack has a habit of biting his right thumb whenever he's bored.
  • He has the least and minor appearance changes.
  • Outside of Yandere Sim Fanon he and his sister are Redcap demons. Zack is also a bit older than his Yandere Simulator version.
  • He used to be a faculty member before he was changed to be a student.
  • He is the 2nd tallest OC that is made by Kamiko Takakawa, the tallest OC Kamiko doesn't have a Yandere Simulator alteration yet.
  • Outside of the wikia Kamiko makes comics of him being a brony, she's unsure if she should make that canon or not.


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