This OC belongs to DuckPimp-san! Please ask for permission before using, desu neeeee~


Yuuki is a short, skinny girl with light purple (dyed) hair and purple eyes (contacts). She has drawn on kawaii blush and wears a white and purple bow on her head.


Yuuki is a weaboo who acts "moe" for Taro. She calls everyone [Student Name]-chan or -kun, or in some cases, Onii-chan. She can get very loud and angry if she doesn't get her way, and spreads rumors about people who she starts to hate in the slightest.


  • Moe-chan's real name may be something like Rose or Riley.
  • She was my first Yandere Sim OC and I love her <3
  • She may have a dark past that she doesn't discuss :^)
  • She assumes everyone is her kouhai when they talk to her


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Kisekae Code



"Arigato, kouhai-chan!" -When complimented

"E-eeeh?! You're getting a bit baka, kouhai-chan!" -When complimented too much

"Oh god, I gotta hide!!" -When witnessing a murder

"Eeeeh?? Nani?? Is that blood??" -When seeing a bloodstain

"OH MY GOD!! I'M CALLING THE POLICE!!" -When seeing a corpse

"You might be unsugoi if you keep holding that, baka." -When seeing someone holding a weapon

"Eeeeeeh?! Kouhai-chan, that's lewd!!" -When someone takes a panty shot of her

Full body Moe-Chan

Not sugoi at all

Moe-chan without hairdye and contacts.

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