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Yuu Ita

ゆう いた






Female Female


She She






117 lbs


July 1st

Astrological Sign

Cancer Cancer

Blood Type





Pansexual Pansexual

Personal Status


Educated in

Second Year High School Student




Oka Ruto

Previous Crush

Rabenda Tani (OC)

Personal Status



Unnamed Mother (Alive) Unnamed Father (Alive) Momoka Ita (Sister, Alive)

Additional Info
Member of the Occult club. Cowardly and weak. Yuu Ito stalks Kokona Haruka every Monday and Tuesday. Yuu Ito is known for her cooking skills but dislikes the Cooking Club.

Yuu ita with lines c by unknown user-d9ucdm2

Yuu Ita (With artist signature)


Yuu Ita is a shy but kind person. She usually never talks and few people have actually heard her voice. Some rumors started some time ago about her being a ghost but died off over time. Yuu thinks that she is worthless, but eventually got over thinking that for some time. 


Yuu Ita grew up in a normal loving household, with a mother, father, and sister. Yuu was normal until her first relationship, where her boyfriend abused her. Being her first relationship and being scared to talk to her parents or sibling, she thought that this was normal for guys. She soon was almost killed in a drunken rage with her abusive boyfriend, who threw a broken bottle at her cutting open her right eye. She has worn an eye patch ever since. Yuu eventually broke up with her boyfriend, and moved on. But the things that were said to her from her boyfriend, that she was worthless, caught on to her. After they broke up, Yuu became very depressed and suicidal. One day when she was going to school, she decided to kill herself by being hit by a car. But, somehow, Oka Ruto was there and pulled her to safety. Ever since that day, Yuu has had a crush on Oka and even joined the Occult club wanting to be closer to her. 


Yuu Ita has long blue/grey hair, similar to Oka Ruto's hair. She always wears an eye patch covering her right eye, usually the eye patch is white, but it is sometimes other colors. She also usually has yellow band-aids on her face or arms. Yuu wears the Occult club necklace along with a normal school uniform with black tights. 


  • Kokona Haruka: Yuu stalks Kokona on Mondays and Tuesdays, due to the stalking, Yuu knows about Kokona Haruka's abuse and compensated dating. Yuu stalks her because she believes that she was the cause of her own abuse, and secretly wants to help her. 
  • Oka Ruto: Yuu Ita was saved from committing suicide by Oka. Yuu is grateful and has developed a crush on her. Yuu even joined the Occult club to be closer to her.
  • Momoka Ita: Yuu's younger sister. Yuu enjoys her presence and flower crowns that she makes. Momo helped Yuu through some tough times that she had faced in her past.
  • Rabenda Tani: Yuu once thought of Rabenda as a friend but all of a sudden, Rabenda became very distant. Yuu still likes her but she thinks that she wont return to her.
  • Ume Minami: Being a coward, Yuu is scared of Ume because she is a Social Butterfly. Yuu thinks that Ume is otherwise a nice person.


  • Yuu dislikes men because of her past abusive relationship.
  • Yuu was helped through her abusive relationship by her sister, Momoka Ita.
  • Yuu's only 'friend' is Rabenda Tani.

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