Yuri Hana is an OC for the Yandere Simulator game. She is not a canon student of this game. She is created by the user YuriHanaOC.

Yuri Hana
Staff Info
Career Student
Club Gardening Club
Age 17
Persona Loner
Crush Budo Masuta

Yuri Hana is a student from class 2-2 of Akademi Highschool. She is also a member of the Gardening Club


Yuri Hana has a fair skin, brown hair in a low-ponytail with a red flower on the left side of her head. She has peridot green eyes. She wears the default Akademi Highschool uniform with brown shoes and default stockings.

She often has a shy, insecure look on her face and is seen to walk similar as Oka Ruto and Yandere-Chan when she walks near Senpai. Yuri is seen blushing when she's near Budo Masuta.


Yuri Hana is, like most of the female students, a loner and is not able to fight back when attacked by Yandere-Chan. According to her student profile she seems to be a dandere, as she seems to have a shy attitude. a

Yuri Hana is often seen alone. Cases where she's not alone are during class, the second break on Thursday (She's seen peeking at Budo Masuta) and after school. Whenever she's alone, she's seen writing poetry. She sometimes talks to herself.


  • Her name is a translation to ''Lily Blossom''.
  • It is stated that Yuri Hana is a girly-girl and that she likes flowers.
  • Yuri Hana is attracted to tough and strong boys. This is seemingly why she has a crush on Budo Masuta since he is a hero.
  • She has a cat named Shinko, meaning ''faith''.
  • She might be the daughter of Karin Hana.