Yuna Hina maintains her canon appearance of mustard/yellow hair, tied up into a ponytail, dark yellow eyes and pale skin. She wears the default uniform, and has a bust size of 0.8


Yuna Hina is a plain jane. She is into average stuff and has no sense of humor. When told a joke, she will just have a blank face. She is also kind of a dork, so she blushes easily.


Yui Rio - Friends, though she often gets mad at Yui for teasing her.

Takeshi Tsukuda - Friends. She knows that he has a crush on her, but just pretends that she doesn't know.



-Why did the tomato blush?Because it saw the salad dressing

-What sound can be herd when a sheep,a drum and a snake gall off a cliff?BaaaaDUMTsss!

-Why do people never eat clocks?Becase is vey time concuming!