Yun Zhong
Yun Zhong
Student Info
Career Student
Reputation Unknown
Club Computer
Age Unknown
Persona Tsundere/Social Butterfly/Brave
Crush That's Private!
Additional Info None

Yun Zhong (運重) is MiyukiAya's Second OC of Yandere Simulator


Yun is known as an honor student back in Taiwan and in her second year in Akademi High school. She moved to Japan and she find an apartment there. She lives alone in her new apartment while her parents still in Taiwan and her older brother now lives in Australia.

She did call their parents to tell them that she's doing great in Japan and she's doing good in school but when she knows that there's a psychopath in Akademi High School, she would like try to stalked the killer and try to tell everyone to be careful and there's a psychopath in this school rather they believe her or not but not just try to stalked the killer and stuff, she would try to attack the killer and would try to get it arrested. She does have a crush on one of the students in school but she would not tell.


She wears a blue sailor fuku with dark grey tights, and ankle boots. In casuals she wears a turtleneck sweater, skinny jeans, and black ankle boots. She has green eyes, black hair, and red glasses


She is a smart, intelligence, and a tsundere girl. She can be nice towards new students as long they are nice to her.


Bak Num-Sun

--Coming Soon-

Vera Armbrüste

--Coming Soon--

Kagami Honda

--Coming Soon--

Bakko Österreich

--Coming Soon--

Aika Honda

--Coming Soon--

Matt Malvagio

--Coming Soon--



  • Yun is in fact Taiwanese.
  • The name "Yun Zhong" (運重) is Chinese for "Heavy transport".
  • She is a Tsundere.

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