Yui Rio wears the default female uniform, unless otherwise customized by the player.

She has scarlet hair kept up in a short ponytail on the right with her bangs swept to her left and matching darker eyes.

Her bust size is 0.5 (B cup), the smallest in the game.

She's fit and has an average height and weight.


She is Evil (Same as Canon). If Yui sees Ayano Aishi murdering any other student, she will compliment her and then run away.

She's a tomboy, bold, tsundere, hot headed person. She also does not care for the boundaries, limits and privacy of others students.


Canon Characters

Haruto Yuto: His classmate. She hates him (Tsundere), teases and bullies him in the various ways (mostly sexually) the most. She secretly has a crush on him. Yui will not fight back if the player kills him in front of her, since she doesn't care about him.

Yandere-chan: When Yui witnesses a murder caused by her, she will compliment her and then run away.

Yuna Hina: Her best friend.


Other OCs

My OCs

Ricci Ryoko: She thinks that Ricci is rude.


  • Yui is a bit of a bully to people who annoy her since she's evil.
  • She is the rude one out of the girls.
  • Rumored to be Info-Chan.
  • She is the biggest bitch ever.

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