Yuchiri Hinakari is an OC Created by GreenSister



On Mondays, Yuchiri will talk to Myuki Shizari. After Miyuki goes outside she will talk to the other girls. Then when Miyuki comes back in they will go to whatever they were doing. Then when it's time to go to class, she will go to class 3-1 and learn. Then when it's lunchtime, Yuchiri will have a chat with Miyuki. then when they are done talking, they will go back to the lunchroom and talk until the next period. Then when it's time for the next period, Yuchiri will go back to class and learn. Then after school, Yuchiri will go to the cooking club and wait while Miyuki is cooking. then at 5:00, they get their stuff and go home.


On Tuesdays, Yuchiri will go to the Computer Lab and distract Pippi Osu. Then she has a Doctor's appointment so she will leave the building early to get in her Car. Then once she gets back, she will start distracting Pippi again. then she goes back to class. And then at lunchtime, she will go find the nearest seat and sit there and eat.

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