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Kurosawa Yua
Yua Kurosawa



Kurosawa Yua


Female Female


She She








February 20

Blood Type





Homosexual Homosexual



Additional Info
Secret: Stalker

Secret: Armed

Yua Kurosawa is a second year student. She is not in any club, but can join one over the course of the game.


Yua is the youngest of four sisters.

Yua's early years mostly involved tormenting her sisters, at first with simple things such as getting them in trouble for things she did, but eventually moving onto much more drastic items culminating in framing her eldest sister for discharging almost 400,000 yen from her parents' credit cards and turning her reputation with the rest of the family to mud overnight. She still maintains being considered as her parents' favored child despite all of these events.

She has largely stopped targeting her sisters in lieu of going after her classmates for tasks.


Yua is rather averagely-sized for her age. She has blue hair, reaching approximately to her hips and styled into a hime cut, and black, featureless eyes.

Yua wears the default uniform.


Yua is a manipulator who likes to use others to get things she wants. She will typically present herself as rather bubbly, but it is rather easy to tell her feelings are not genuine with examination. If she becomes stressed, her facade will quickly start cracking, and she will correspondingly become far more threatening and unnerving to others.

Yua has the Unstable persona. She is easier to mindbreak than other students, and can potentially become a significant threat to the player if pushed too far at school.


Yua's routine is highly complex, but rather easy to predict after it is memorized.

Main Routine

Yua's main routine consists of four phases and one sub-phase repeated after each week.

  • On Mondays, Yua will select a target, and then proceed to stalk and observe them as much as possible over the course of the day. Her target can be any student, but having better relations with her will influence her choice. She will not pick a student more than once over the course of the game. It is possible for the player to be selected as a target.
  • On Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, Yua will attempt to procure her target's attention as much as possible. This will include such things as talking to them, giving them gifts, complimenting them, and in some cases joining their club. She will also join her target's social circle. 
  • On Thursdays, Yua will leave a note in her target's locker telling them to meet after class at a location, which can be one of several locations (such as the rooftop, a storage room, or locations in Buraza or Shisuta Towns.). She will give a task to her target once the two meet up, which they can either accept or refuse. If the student refuses, Yua will attempt to convince them to change their mind through one of several methods, depending on their persona (i.e. threatening a Coward, or bribing a Social Butterfly). 
  • On Fridays, she will either observe her target from a distance, or help them to complete her task, depending on what it is. If her target has refused her task despite her best efforts, she will confront them about it instead of doing so on the following Monday as she normally does.
  • On the following Monday, Yua will confront her target and then leave them to their own devices. This will reduce her reputation by 8 points, with one point recovering each day. She will begin observing her next target almost immediately after leaving her previous one.

In order to force Yua into her second routine, her reputation must be reduced to below -75, and at least three of her tasks must be intercepted and revealed to the school body.

Main Subroutine

Yua's secondary routine consists of two phases, switched between every few days.

Compared to her main routine, she will stop attempting to give out tasks and will instead only stalk and attempt to recover her reputation through socializing. In this routine, she will recover four reputation points per day. If her reputation reaches -25 or higher, she will return to her normal routine.

The player is able to disrupt Yua's routine by calling her out during her observation phase (thus notifying her targets of her presence) and isolating her when she attempts to socialize, either by guiding groups away from her or by physically removing her from them. Disrupting Yua will reduce her sanity by 4 points, reduce her reputation by 2 points, and prevent her from improving her reputation for the day.

Yua's mannerisms will change as she loses sanity. She will socialize less often (stopping entirely below 30%), and her cheerful appearance will falter greatly when she does socialize. She will also slow in movement speed to a slight degree, although her loss of sanity is not as overtly visible as the player's.

Once Yua loses all of her sanity, she will leave the school building regardless of time or location and will not return until all requirements for her broken routine are fulfilled.

Broken Subroutine

Yua's broken subroutine comes into effect only if the player both foils her primary routine tasks three times, prevents her from socializing enough to bring her sanity down to zero, and forces her reputation below -100, but not below -150.

Yua will find an ambush position in one of three locations, depending on where the player frequents the most; the plaza, a club room or the rooftop. Her position is such that it will be unable to see her until she is already attacking the player.

The player will be sought out by a student who also frequents that location, who will ask them to come over due to someone wanting them. Upon the player entering the ambush area, Yua will make her presence known by throwing knives at them and their accompanying student, and then move to attack the player. The player will have about half a second of reaction time to dodge after triggering her attack, but the accompanying student will always be incapacitated. If her thrown knife hits, the player will be slowed significantly, putting them at a great disadvantage in the ensuing chase.

Yua is highly difficult to take down compared to a normal student in her broken state; she will require three attacks to kill instead of just one, automatically wins struggles against most students (sufficiently strong students, such as Budo Masata or delinquents, can avoid dying to her, but cannot stop her), and can kill or incapacitate teachers depending on her remaining health. While attacks do not kill her instantly, they will slow her down and make putting distance between her easier.

Managing to evade Yua's line of sight for an extended period of time will make her give up and kill herself if she has not been harmed extensively, but if she has been hit twice she will instead begin an indiscriminate rampage until she is brought down by a teacher.

If the player does not trigger her ambush for the entire day, the post-day transcript will state that her body was found in her location of ambush, and her death will be labeled as a suicide. 


Yua carries a cleaver stolen from the Cooking Club room on her person, which can be taken from her if she is killed. Taking pictures of her at specific angles will show where she hides the cleaver, and can then be used to strengthen gossip against her. If the player is sufficiently stealthy, they can also steal the cleaver for their own use.

It is possible to use Internet services to call Yua out as a stalker or manipulator after seeing her observing and giving tasks to her target, respectively, which will impact her reputation and will count towards forcing her onto her sub-routines.

Much like other students with her persona, Yua is easier to mind-break than a normal student; instead of 40 hours of torturing, Yua will only require 25 hours to break fully.


  • Yua scores 11 points on the Mary Sue Litmus Test.
  • Yua's appearance is significantly based upon that of Bernkastel from Umineko no Naku Koro Ni.

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