Belongs to skittylover3


Yua is kind, sweet and caring. She respects all life and loves pretty much everyone. She is a flower child and she just loves bunnies.She appreciates plant life, She is very gentle and innocent. Yua often finds herself lost and has a bad sense of direction. She is very dumb and she gets bad grades. Also she is taken advantage of a lot because of her kind nature. Yua likes dancing and has her own dancing attire. She always fills people with a bright happiness everywhere she goes


She bought a bunny at a good breeders home.


Nanami Aoi - She is good freinds with her and they dance together alot

Sakura Hana - She is manipulated by her alot into doing some really bad things...she considers her a freind

Kasai bāningu - She looks up to her and gets yelled at alot by her

Donna Kawaii - She likes donna...

Mao Himari - She clashes with her due to their oppisite points of views



She has a pet bunny

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