She is dark and mysterious, she usually has an air of intimidation about her. she is very mean ruff and brutal she gets horrid grades, she is misunderstood and has a kind caring heart underneath all of that. She also has an obbsession with stars and space she likes staring at the sky at night. oh did i forget to mention she is a jerk (she has a bdsm fetish i dunno why) oh and she is also a little lewd sometimes (I will try not to make this all the time) she cares alot for her sisters


since she is highly misunderstood no one trusts her (Even though she has good intentions) someway or another she always ends up doing bad earning her a reputation making people dislike her eventually the only people who would acccept her where the delinquints. thus she became one of them (Even though they make fun of her for her obsession with stars). as a child her parents never acknowladged her because of her 2 sisters she doesn't resent her sisters though 




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