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Yansi Moc

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April 16th





Additional Info
She doesn't see a reason for brushing her hair, so she doesn't.

 Yansi Moc is an OC student at Akademi High School. She is in Class 1-2.


Yansi Moc has long, scruffy bronze-blonde hair that reaches down to her lower back, and her eyes are a light metallic gold.


Yansi has some friends, but not many. She usually hangs out with Midori Gurin at lunch, and just by herself in the morning. She is currently aromantic, meaning she doesn't have the capablility to feel love, but this could just be a phase.

She is willing to help someone if they got hurt or are about to, but she might only end up the same as them. She walks to and back from school by herself. Don't call her Moc-Chan, she doesn't like it.


  1. School Gate
  2. Locker Room
  3. Roof
  4. Class 1-2
  5. Floor 2 Toilets
  6. Roof
  7. Class 1-2
  8. Gardening Club
  9. Home


Midori Gurin

Yansi and Midori are very friendly to eachother, and she is the person Yansi feels the most comfortable with. They talk at lunch on the roof about current things going on in the school.

Natsuki Anna

Naksuki Anna (Anna-sensei) is Yansi's teacher. The don't get along very well, Natsuki getting angry at her all the time for day-dreaming not doing her work.

Mr. and Mrs. Moc

She gets along with her parents and they don't bother her too much.

Kuu Dere

Yansi often sees Kuu staring off into the eternal abyss sitting right behind her and Midori, but she doesn't think much of it.



  • Yansi Moc's name comes from Yan Sim OC. Yan Sim OC > YanSimOC > Yansimoc > Yansi Moc


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