Yanderetale is a mod for Undertale created by Pingy Animatronic


  • Fanfiction-chan as Frisk
  • Pingy Animatronic as Papyrus
  • Bubble-Blitz as Chara
  • Demonic BB as Sans
  • CrystaltheCool as Flowey/Asriel Dreemurr
  • Igor the Mii as Alphys
  • GothCookie as Undyne
  • Horizonfudgy as Toriel
  • RumorChan as Napstablook
  • MoxyMonster as Muffet
  • TheChromePerson as Mettaton
  • Shadowgallade777 as Asgore
  • Jacbocford as Temmie
  • Rena-Shi as Snowdin Shopkeeper
  • GalaxyNerd as W.D. Gaster
  • LenLawliet as Nice Cream Guy
  • MercifulCheese as Burgerpants
  • Aubrey-Chan as Shyren
  • SenpaiX as Loox
  • SomethingYandere as Lesser Dog
  • Jackboog21 as Greater Dog
  • DesertFokxtrot as Annoying Dog
  • W14dj as the Amalgamates
  • Flutterbutter as Froggit
  • Kawaii Derp as Tsunderplane
  • Rave592ts96akaSakura592ts96 as Jerry


  • Akademi Ruins
  • Akademi Snowlands
  • Akademi Falls
  • Akademi Hotlands
  • The Core
  • Akademi New Home

Differences from the original

  • The regular heart is pink instead of the usual red.
  • During Papyrus' Blue attack and the Sans boss battle, The player's heart gets half-cracked instead of turning blue.
  • There are Blue and White knives instead of the usual bones.
  • Pingy says "He he he he he he" as opposed to Papyrus's "Nyeh heh heh heh"
  • Pingy's dream is to become one of the Yandere Simulator Fanon admins, similar to Papyrus's dream of wanting to become a Royal Guard.
  • Demonic-BB sells Sushi instead of Hot dogs from the original.


  • During the Pingy/Papyrus date sequence, his dating outfit has a Super Mario T-Shirt and a FNaF Cap which references Pingy's interests.