Yandere Simulator School Showdown is a theoretical game for the game Yandere Simulator. The game will have 3 modes:

Story Mode, Showdown Mode, and Senpai Customization Mode.

Story Mode

The Story Mode will be exclusively around Yandere-chan. There will be ten chapters, each sent around the RIvals of the game.

Unlocks All DK Costumes All Cooking Club Costumes All Spooky Costumes Unlocks Costumes 2 & 3 Unlocks Costumes 4 & 5 Unlocks Titan Mode Costumes Unlocks Debug Yandere-chan Modes Unlocks Extra Costumes Unlocks Senpai of the Night Costumes Unlocks all Characters
Difficulty Extremely Easy Super Easy Very Easy Easy Average Average Hard Very Hard Super Hard Extremely Hard
Sub-boss Yui Rio Koharu Hinata Saki Miyu Yuna Hina Daku Atsu Nurse - - - -
Boss Osana Najimi Cooking Club President Drama Club President Swim Team Captain Oka Ruto Nurse Subst. Teacher Subst. Delinquent Rival Senpai's Sister Student Council President

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