Welcome to the Yandere Simulator Mary Sue Litmus Test. Sometimes, RPing with a character that is "too perfect" is an unpleasant experience. Maybe they steal the spotlight from your OC, or maybe they overshadow them by being better at everything. That character is often called a "Mary Sue" on this wikia.

The Litmus Test is primarily for fun, but can vaguely measure how much a character fits that description too. I'd recommend an OC review by a fellow wiki user over this test, since a human can undoubtedly give a more accurate review, so you can interpret your results on this test how you will.

This test is heavily based off the Original Fiction Mary Sue Litmus Test, but with some extra things added to fit the universe. This test was contributed by Porcy. If you have any questions, feel free to ask him.

How to Take the Test

Every question on the test will have a number attached to it. These numbers represent points.

Method 1: Pen and Paper

  1. Grab a pen and paper.
  2. As you read through the questions, for every question you answer "yes" to, mark the attached number on that piece of paper in tally marks.
  3. When you've gone through the entire test, compare the amount of points you have to the results.
  4. Some questions may contain a negative value, in which case you can subtract that from your final score.

Method 2: Calculator

  1. Grab a calculator.
  2. As you read through the questions, for each question you answer "yes" to, add the attached number into the calculator.
  3. If it says "-number points", then subtract that number in the calculator.
  4. When you've gone through the entire test, compare the final number on your calculator to the results.


  • Do not add any points for questions about things you cannot control (e.g. if a ton of other users made their OCs have crushes on yours and you had no way to stop them).
  • Remember, not all of the traits in the test are Sueish on their own. It is possible to make a demon character, for example, and still make them balanced and interesting.
    • Think of them as spices. Add too much and your food tastes like shit, add too little and it tastes bland. Add just the right amount, and your food tastes delicious. Same with OCs and these sorts of traits.


  • Do not lie, or cherry-pick specific questions to answer. Answer every single one 100% truthfully no exaggeration, or your score will be inaccurate.
  • Every single time I have ever seen a debate over whether or not a character is a Mary Sue, the critic says "This character has a 200 on the test!" while the creator says "I got a 4!". This is the result of exaggeration, like I mentioned before.

The Name

Is the character's name an unusual spelling of a more common word or name? [1 points]

Is the character's name a noun or adjective not normally used as a name? (e.g. Flower, Apple, Chair, etc.) [3 points]

  • Is it Google Translate? [3 points]

Does the character have more than one first, middle, or last name, without reason? [1 point]

  • Does the character have a middle name despite being Japanese, and you're aware Japanese have no middle names? [2 points]

Does the character's name describe how perfect or "kawaii" they are? (e.g. Kawaii/Kyuti (Cute) as a name, Megami (Goddess), Sugoi (Amazing), Koneko (Kitten), etc.) [1 points]

Is the character's name just generally extremely unusual in Japan? [1 point]

Does the character have a nickname or pseudonym? [look below]

  • Is it a "cute" nickname? (Neko-chan, Kawaii, Muffin, Kitten, etc.) [3 points]
  • Is it an edgy nickname? (Reaper, Death Blade, Satan's son, etc.) [3 points]
  • Is it a -dere nickname? (Dandere-chan, Undere-chan, Kamidere-chan, Mayadere-chan, Tsunshun-chan, Yangire-chan, etc.) [3 points]

Is the character's name Japanese, even though the character isn't? [2 points]


Does the character appear to be much younger than she/he really is? [3 points]

Is the character highly attractive? [3 points] [Add only 1 point if the character has to work really hard to maintain her/his physical beauty.]

Are one or more of either canon characters or your own OCs attracted to her/him? [1 point for each]

  • Even though they are involved with someone else? [3 points]
  • In defiance of sexual orientation? [100 points]

Is an otherwise chaste or stoic character immediately attracted to her/him? [3 points, 30 if this character is a yandere and your OC is not their "Senpai"]

Does the character have unusual eyes even in the world of Yandere Simulator (color-changing eyes, different pupils, rainbow eyes, heterochromia, etc.), or otherwise exceptional eyes? [1 point, because Yandere Simulator has rainbow color-changing eyes possible in nature]

Does the character have unusual or exceptional hair, or does her/his hair get a disproportionate amount of description compared to that of your other OCs? [3 points]

[Subtract 3 points if the character is over 20 and appears much older than she/he really is.]

[Subtract 3 points if the character is overweight for the full duration of the story. "Buxom" does not count.]

Does the character have a "special" birthmark or other marking? [3 points]

Does the character have a physical "flaw" that does not actually detract from her/his beauty (e.g. lips too full, white strip in hair, missing one toe, etc.)? [2 points]

Does the character have wings (this counts even if she/he is an angel, only has wings sometimes, can't fly, etc.) [15 points]


Add 1 point for each personality trait your character possesses...

  • Confident
  • Assertive
  • Mature
  • Responsible
  • Altruistic
  • Modest
  • Optimistic
  • Frugal
  • Compassionate
  • Sense of humor
  • Brave
  • Courteous
  • Honest
  • "Cute" shy
  • Lewd
  • Yandere [add 3 instead]

Subtract 2 points for every personality trait your character possesses...

  • Insecure
  • Passive
  • Immature
  • Irresponsible, unreliable
  • Selfish
  • Arrogant
  • Pessimistic
  • Wasteful
  • Insensitive
  • No sense of humor
  • Cowardly
  • Rude
  • Dishonest
  • Foolish, ignorant
  • Loner, secluded
  • Superficial

Can your character's personality be summed up completely with simple "dere" archetypes? [5]

Is your character extremely lewd, but receives no serious repercussions for their actions? (Reputation loss alone does not count) [5]


Is the character the last surviving member of a family/clan/race/species/etc.? [7 points]

Was the character ever the sole survivor of a calamity? [4 points]

Does the character have amnesia? [4 points]

  • And does she/he still retain a trinket of some kind from her/his past? [2 points]
  • And is on a quest to recover her/his lost memories? [2 points]
  • [Subtract 1 point if the character never remembers any of what she/he has forgotten.]

Does the character have an angsty childhood, or an angsty past? [5 points]

  • And does she/he angst about it during the story? (Angsting does not necessarily include simply relating events to an interested third party.) [4 points]

Was the character of illegitimate birth? [1 point]

Was the character ever abducted? [1 point]

Was the character abandoned by her/his caregivers? [2 point]

Was the character born into slavery, or forced into slavery or prostitution? [2 point]

Was the character born/raised in extreme poverty? [1 point]

Did the character run away from home? [2 point]

Did the character ever suffer physical or emotional abuse? [2 points]

Did the character ever suffer sexual abuse? [4 points] [Add another point if it was rape.] [Add another point if it was incest.]

Does the character feel guilty about something terrible that happened in the past? [1 point]

  • Even despite overwhelming evidence that it wasn't her/his fault? [2 points]

Powers and Abilities

Does the character have any particular skill at which she/he the best or among the best? [2 points]

  • And is she/he is widely known for this skill? [2 points]

Does the character have any particular area of study/information/etc. in which she/he is the most knowledgeable or among the most knowledgeable? [2 points]

  • And is she/he widely known for having this knowledge? [2 points]

Is the character unusually accomplished for her/his age/species/etc.? [2 points]

Does the character ever easily learn a difficult skill (e.g. learn to play guitar in a matter of weeks)? [3 point]

Does the character have an amazing singing voice? [1 point]

Does the character play a musical instrument well? [1 point]

Does the character "just know things"? [4 points]

Does the character hold your dream job? [3 points]

Is the character, or was she/he ever... (add points for all that apply)

  • A model? [2 points]
  • A stage actress/actor? [1 point]
  • A film actress/actor? [3 points]
  • A dancer? [2 points]
  • An assassin, much like Nemesis? [4 points]
  • A starving artist? [2 points]
  • A freelance writer? [1 point]

Add points for each power your character possesses...

  • Teleportation [30]
  • Telepathy [30]
  • Telekinesis [30]
  • Pyrokinesis [30]
  • Prophecy [30, 20 if they are in the Occult Club]
  • Healing [for this, add 1,000]
  • Animal communication [30]
  • Empathy [30]
  • Shapeshifting abilities [25, because this may be DLC one day]
  • Invisibility [30]
  • Invulnerability [100,000,000 because this is Yandere Simulator]
  • Flight [1,000]
  • The ability to pass through matter [1,000]
  • General magic or sorcery [50, 40 if they are in the Occult Club]
  • Time travel [35]
  • Transdimensional travel or communication [40]
  • The ability to see auras [30, 20 if they are in the Occult Club]
  • Summoning [30, 6 if in the Occult Club]
  • Power of seduction [add 2 for each level]
  • The ability to shrug off minor wounds [20]
  • The ability to kill people instantly [for this, add 100,000,000. Again, this is Yandere Simulator.]
  • Super strength or speed [100]

Is the character a ghost? [7 because ghosts do exist in Yandere Simulator]

Is the character a shapeshifter? [30 because although it may be DLC that is still insanely overpowered]

Is the character a vampire? [15 because they might be a thing]

Is the character an angel or fallen angel? [50 points]

Is the character a god? [50 points]

Is the character an anomaly, similar to Fun Girl? [17 points]

Is the character a neko or any other kind of person with real animal features? [30 points]

Is the character an angel? [40 points]

Is the character a demon? [15 points]

  • Do they look exceptionally ugly or deformed, similar to the Pain Demon? [-12 points]
  • Are they written strictly following the demon lore from Burning Love? [-2 points]

Is the character any other humanoid race besides human? [20 points]

Is the character exceptionally powerful, even by the standards of her/his race? [3 points]

Is the character exceptionally beautiful, even by the standards of her/his race? [3 points]

Is the character the only immortal or non-human in the story? [30 points]

Was the character made immortal, etc., by divine intervention? [20 point]

Is the character a crossbreed of species (e.g. half-vampire, half-demon, etc.)? [50 points]

  • And does the she/he have the benefits of both species, but the drawbacks of neither? [100 points]
  • [Subtract 8 points if your OC has the drawbacks of both, but the benefits of neither.]

Does the character angst about being immortal? [2 points]

Does the character angst about being a race other than human? [3 points]

High School

This section only applies if your character is currently attending high school or middle school, specifically Akademi.

Is your character top of her/his class? [7 points]

Is the character a club leader? [3 points]

  • Of a club that canonically has a leader? [10 points]

Is your character the vice-president of a club with a canon leader? [3 points]

  • Is it stated that your character "would be the leader if (canon leader) wasn't"? [7 points]

Is the character bullied for her/his sexual orientation, skin color, intelligence, poverty/wealth, looks, clothes, background, etc.? [1 points]

  • Is it because the bullies are jealous? [2 points]
  • Do the bullies eventually see the error of their ways, or else receive some form of retribution? [2 points]

Does the character talk about anime frequently or have lots of anime clothes, collectibles, etc.? [1 point]

  • Does the character draw really well in the anime style? [3 points]


Has everyone significant heard of the character? [2 points]

Do all of the important characters (other than Yandere-chan, of course) end up liking/respecting/fearing her/him? [3 points]

  • Did they all like/respect/fear her/him from the beginning? [1 point]

[Subtract 2 points if everyone liked the character at first, but ends up disliking her/him by the end of the story.]

Is the character repeatedly rivalled by the same person? [3 points]

[Subtract 1 point if the character's problems continue after the end of your story without hope of respite (i.e. she/he neither dies nor gets a happy ending).]

Does the character suffer punishment for a crime she/he did not commit? (Do not add these points if your character was a rival and got framed for a crime Yandere-chan committed.) [2 points]

[Subtract 5 points if your character ever willfully commits rape or murder and is not a yandere.]

[Subtract another 5 points if the character goes to prison for the crime, even if s/he is a yandere.]

Does the character reform a villainous character? [5 points]

  • Is this villain Yandere-chan or Info-chan? [20]
  • And does the villain become evil again after the character dies or leaves, but retain some last vestige of goodness from his/her interaction with the character? [5 points]

Does the character fall in (reciprocated) love with, or have sex with, a character you would like to fall in love with or have sex with? [3 points]

Has the character ever been nursed back to health from serious injuries by a warm, kind, and loving person? [3 points]

  • Was this person the character's love interest? [2 points]

Is the character of above average intelligence? [1 points]

  • Is she/he a genius? [8 points]

Is the character heir to a large fortune? [1 points]

  • The sole heir? [2 points]

[Subtract 2 points if the character is a protagonist but ever freely, willingly, and knowingly worked for the villain/evil regime (e.g. how Yandere-chan was killing for Info-chan, etc).]

Does the character have a clone or identical twin? [7 points] [Add only 1 point if there are a large number of clones in your story, and your character is neither the original nor above average in prowess.]

Is the character fluent in more than two languages? [1 point]

  • More than four languages? [3 points]

Does the character collect things you consider intellectual or cultured? [1 point]

Does the character have a faithful pet or animal familiar? [1 point]

  • That isn't a dog, cat, horse, or bird? [2 points]
  • Do they bring it to school? [3 points]

Does the character have a physical handicap that does not hinder her/him significantly? [6 points]

[Subtract 4 points if the character is significantly physically handicapped.]

[Subtract 10 points if the character is significantly mentally handicapped. (""Edgy"" mental illnesses do not count.]

Do animals or children instinctively like the character? [3 points]

[Subtract 1 point if the character is a smoker.]

[Subtract 2 points if the has a dependency or addiction that is or would be very hard to break (e.g. alcoholism, drugs, gambling, sex addiction, a potentially dangerous sexual fetish, etc.)]

[Subtract another point if the character never overcomes this vice.]

[Subtract 1 point for each of the following that applies to the character:

  • She/he remains in a committed relationship for the full duration of your story.
  • She/he has a child or children for the greater part of your story.
  • She/he does not learn from major mistakes.

Do any yanderes leave their Senpai for your OC? [40 points. How dare you?]


Safe Zone

Your character is probably fine!

11 to 20 points

A well-developed, good character, probably not a Mary Sue! Congrats!

Danger Zone

This character would be okay to RP with, but you might piss other users off. Please, work on them a bit.

0 to 10 points

Anti Sue. Give your character some love! Just make sure not to overdo it, or you'll have a Mary Sue on your hands!

21 to 35 points

Borderline Sue. Your character is halfway between Mary Sue and a good character. More experienced writers can usually pull this off, but you may want to work on the details a little bit.

Dead Zone

Please work on this character more before entering an RP on this wiki.

36 to 55 points

Mary Sue. Your character is a Mary Sue! But, don't worry. You should be able to fix her/him with a little effort!

56 to 70 points

Mega Sue. This character's going to be really hard to save, but there may still be a glimmer of hope.

71 or more points

Super Mega Mary Sue. Please tell me this is a joke OC.

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