The Quality Standards are the required standards for any page, especially OC pages. They are mandatory.

More standards may be added without warning.

Things to Keep in Mind

  1. Pages that do not meet the standards will either be fixed or put into the Needs Help category. This is the decision of the mod.
  2. Putting a page into the Needs Help or Needs More Info category makes it easier for other staff members to find the page and fix it up if they wish.
  3. If you need help with a page, please contact a Content Moderator, Mini-Admin, or Administrator.
  4. They do not apply to pages that were made as a joke (also known as Joke OCs). However, Joke OCs must be added to that category in order to be excused. Joke OCs cannot participate in some roleplays.
  5. They do not apply to blog posts nor user pages.
  6. If your page is in the Needs More Info category and is not in the WIP category, it is a candidate for deletion. If your page is in the Needs More Info category and the WIP category, but an edit has not been made to it for over a month, it is also a candidate for deletion. This is to keep the wiki nice and clean.
  7. If your page gets deleted, you may either appeal it by making a thread on the Suggestions board so that the community may vote on it, or you may contact a staff member and they themselves may choose whether or not to restore it.

General Rules

  1. Do not use special characters, such as ❤, ✦, "fσитѕ" ℓιкє тнιѕ, etc. They don't display correctly on some machines, and they clutter up the page.
  2. Spell-check your pages. You can do this manually, or, if you need help, you can run it through an automatic spell-checker.
  3. Please separate your text into paragraphs to prevent a text wall.
  4. Please write numbers in their word forms.

Titles and Headings

  1. Titles and headings should always be capitalized properly. If you need help, you can use this generator to automatically capitalize your titles and headings for you.
  2. You should never use punctuation in the titles of OC pages. This does not include punctuation that is a part of the character's name. For example, "Rae-Ann", or "J'Lynn".
  3. An OC page's title should always be in the format of "First Last". First Last refers to the character's first and last name. Middle names are not necessary. Nicknames, like "Yandere-chan", "Senpai", "Kuudere-chan", etc. should not be used as titles unless the real name is unknown or a spoiler.
  4. Do not make headings bold, italic, or underlined. It's redundant,


  1. An infobox should always be used, and broken file links in it should be fixed.
    1. The infobox template used does not matter.
  2. A gallery should always use the actual Wikia gallery, not a bunch of images uploaded on the page.
  3. A heading should be formatted as such. A heading within a heading uses Sub-heading 1, a heading within a heading within a heading uses Sub-heading 2, etc.


  1. Don't use two or more categories on a page which stands for the same thing, such as using both the categories "Female" and "Girl" on one page.
  2. Category titles must also adhere to the Title and Heading standards.
  3. All OCs must be added to the OCs category.

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