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Welcome to the Yandere Simulator Fanon wiki!

This is a fanon wiki for Yandere simulator. You can create OCs and join RPs!

Before doing anything, please make sure you read our Rules.

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  • QueenMarcie

    Happy Ending

    September 27, 2016 by QueenMarcie

    This track is about someone kinda special. I call it, 'Happy Ending'.

    Run away with me

    and the poltergeists and ghouls,

    we can wander through the darkness,

    and play by our own rules

    Run away with me

    to a cavern shaped like home,

    where we'll build our own forever,

    and never dance alone

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  • Theepiccarpet - Wong

    As a Japanese person who has lived in Japan for a while and speaks the language, I get "triggered" (as the kids say these days) when I see really bad Japanese names for OCs. If you would like authentic sounding names that aren't super cringe-inducing, then ask me if it is ok. If you don't like what…

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