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Welcome to the Yandere Simulator Fanon wiki!

This is a fanon wiki for Yandere simulator. You can create OCs and join RPs!

Before doing anything, please make sure you read our Rules.

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  • AyanoY

    Hai, just gonna explain why i wasn't online for the last week or something like that.

    Just for the people curious.

    So yeh, the first 3 or 4 days i was on vacation. It was some kind of island at the coast of my country. There were a shit load of seals. I don't have pics, srry

    the rest of that week i wa…

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  • DuckPimp

    Kisekae Remakes!!! :D

    August 29, 2016 by DuckPimp

    Yeeee I decided to open up remakes because I got a new style that's absolutely fucking ADORABLE and I'm bored, haha. 

    Just comment your code(s) (limit 4 characters) and which uniform to use (any uniform, even custom) and I'll remake them ASAP!

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