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Yandere Massacre (Yandere Simulator Fan Film)
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Yandere Massacre (or Yandere Simulator: The Fan Film) is an upcoming fan film based on the earlier version of the Yandere Simulator build. This is created by SPChannel Productions on YouTube. The first scene of the film is adaptated off the original opening of the game, where Ayano Aishi (or Yandere-Chan) meets Senpai (A.K.A Taro Yamada) at the street while they were late for school. However; in this film adaptation, there is a secret yandere in the school murdering more students than she was intending. The movie will be made with Miku Miku Dance.


Ayano Aishi, a psychotic Japanese schoolgirl that has developed a crush on a fellow student named Taro Yamada, nicknamed "Senpai". She was originally given five days in which to eliminate any girl that Ayano views as an obstacle to her confessing her love to Senpai. However, things are about to take a big twist at Akedemi High School, even putting Ayano at risk.


  • Ayano Aishi/Yandere-chan: The lead girl of the movie. She's a shy but dark-minded teenage girl who's starving to find true love but she has no luck. She'd even kill for love, but it looks like someone's doing it for her.
  • Taro Yamada/Senpai
  • Info-Chan
  • Osana Najimi


  • The song used in the scene where Ayano recognizes Taro from her dream is the instrumental version of "Honeymoon Avenue" by singer-songwriter, Ariana Grande.


Yandere Massacre (2015) Official Clip - This Is My Destiny - MMD Horror Movie01:07

Yandere Massacre (2015) Official Clip - This Is My Destiny - MMD Horror Movie

Yandere Massacre (2015) Official Clip - Dream Boy - MMD Horror Movie00:51

Yandere Massacre (2015) Official Clip - Dream Boy - MMD Horror Movie

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