This page is considered a Yandere Simulator Fanon Relic.

Hello, this is basically what I think Yandere Simulator will be like, but with fanon characters as well! I'm using other people's OCs as well, but.. yeah i'm giving credit. Obviously.

PS: The other fanmade yanderes will not be yanderes in this fanfic.

PPS: This is a LONG fanfic. Don't expect this to be finished anytime soon.


Melo-chan, Akira, Kata, Aikido - Mine

Mai, Takumi - Trivia-chan

Rainbow 12, Senpai, Yandere-chan, Osana, Info-chan, Midori - Yandere Dev (Yandere-chan will be reffered to as Ayano)

Xavier - Demonic BB

Emi, Kohai, Yuki - CrystaltheCool

Amashi, Shin, Kobito, Akemi, Katashi - Bubble-Blitz

Tate - TATE-L-M

Jack - Jacbocford

Pippi - Makers of Osu

Aubrey-chan - Aubrey-chan

Sitsune, Mogeki - Yandere Chan (Yandere Sim)


Anyway, get ready to read this action-packed Yandere Simulator vision!


DAY 1: Second Year

Ayano sighed deeply in bed. "It's 2 AM. Only 5 hours, till it's my second year of high school. I never found anyone special. I guess I can't just WAIT. Heck, I don't even know what they would look like! Well, why not think for a minute?

My ideal lover would have to be a... boy.

He would have black hair, gray eyes, fair skin, his natural eyes - no glasses....

Alright, now what would our uniforms look like? We have to stay cool!

I would wear.. this cute yellow one. (Uniform 3)

He would come into my sight, with.. a buttoned trenchcoat, black in toughness. (Uniform 2)

... That's what my ideal lover would look like. And surprisingly, I saw him. Not far from my house.

I can't feel anything.

For as long as I can remember, I've never felt any feelings.

Until I saw him.

SHE wants him, but not as much as I do.

I want to stop her.

I want to hurt her.

I want... to kill her."

~At school~

Ayano walked into the gates. "Back here... again." She saw two people in martial arts uniforms, one with short red hair, and the other with long, straight black hair.

Ayano walked up to them. "Hi! Do you attend this school? My name's Ayano!" She told the two girls. I have to act normal, before everyone is against my side! She thought.

The black-haired girl turned. "So you're Ayano? Oh, I'm Aikido! And this is my friend, Kata!"

"Hi, how are you doing?" Kata asked.

"I'm okay." answered Ayano.

"We have to go to class. See you later!" Aikido claimed.


~In class~

Pippi picked up her phone and called Midori. "I'm in class. You DON'T get lost to yours, okay?"


Pippi sighed. "Okay...." She told her before she hung up.

Ayano sat in a chair. "Hmm.. this is Miss Hana's class, right? Bio?"

Kokona and Saki were talking about how good and bad it was too be back to school. Osana (ugh) sat next to Kokona, joining in the conversation.

Miss Hana declared, "Okay! We're going to study, study, and study! Everyone grab a laptop from the back, and take notes!"

~Two hours later~

*ring ring ring

Miss Hana pounded on the table. 'Alright, see you tomorrow! Artists, go to Miss Fuka's class! Scienctists, go to Miss Kanon's class! Historians, go to Miss Risa's class! Mathmaticans, to Miss Nana's! Music, rush off to Miss Anna's class!'

Ayano walked out and walked to Miss Nana's class, for math.

Miss Nana speaked. 'Hello, class. Welcome back to school, where we do more and more! Now, let's begin our second period, and do these math problems!'

~2 hours later~

Miss Nana rung a little bell. "Okay, time for lunch, students!"

Ayano walked out and up to the rooftop, where people bought lunch from a new outdoor kitchen. She sat on a bench. Sadly, Kata and Aikido had a club meeting, so she couldn't talk to them. She saw a girl with icy blue hair and eyes, and another with dark green hair and eyes. She walked to them.


'Um, hi?' was the answer from the blue-haired girl. 'I'm Mei Mio. Who are you?'

"She's Ayano," snorted the green-haired girl. "and I think she goes to my math class. I'm Koharu. Koharu Hinata."

Ayano sighed in relief. "Nice to meet you!"

She heard some girls giggle loudly, and those three were Saki, Kokona and Osana. Saki and Kokona were iffy to her, but Osana was dead.


"Huh? What's wrong?" said Mei.

"Huhh? Oh... nothing!" was the reply from Ayano. "Anyway, I'll see you around."

Osana snorted. "Look, I like Senpai, okay? He's just.. SO SUGOI! And that Yandere-chan is definitely not getting him."

Ayano was shocked. She hated it when she was called Yandere-chan, or called out in a discusting conversation. That's it! she thought,

I will become a Yandere!


DAY 2: Meeting the Duo

Ayano walked into school, with a knife in her schoolbag. "It's another day. Second day, to be exact." She walked inside the locker room and changed into her indoor shoes.

Inside came two people who looked very alike. "It's so good to be back. I missed smelling the sakura trees!" said one girl. "I know, right, Yui!" said the other girl. But Ayano then heard something they didn't say.

It was Osana! She was talking to two other girls, one with long white hair, and the other with black twintails. "That Senpai guy is really nice. I secretly like him! I feel like confessing to him on Friday."

"Well, what if he rejects you?" asked the blackette.

"Hm.. I didn't think about that..."

Ayano got a text from a number called 1N50ÇH7N. "1N50ÇH7N? That spells.. Info Chan?!"

TO BE CONTINUED... (this is not the end of the day, im just writing the rest later)