Student Info
Career Teacher
Reputation 60+
Club None
Age 24
Persona Evil
Crush Unknown
Strength Weak
Additional Info He is currently teaching 3rd year students.


Yakunan is a former teacher at Akademi High. He may seem like a nice guy, but he is actually an evil teacher. After witnessing a murder, he'll smirk then walk away. His name literally means "evil demon", which hints a clue of his evilness. He possess the murder skill of a yandere, making him hard to find. 


Yakunan had a rough past. His father was included in political situations, and because of that Yakunan was unable to see his father often. Yakunan's father later died. After that he moved into junior high. Yakunan constantly got bullied. He soon got tired of being bullied, then he later went insane. He murdered the bullies. The police never knew who killed them. And so Yakunan's career as a murderer began.


Just like that quote someone said, you can run, but you can't hide!
— Yakunan when he is looking for his victim.
*chuckle* I'm sorry, but I guess your time is up.
— Yakunan finally catching up to his victim.

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