The screen Y uses to communicate

Note: This character is owned by Ml22. If you want to use it, follow the instructions in the comments of Benson Terrio

Y is a mysterious fan character in the Yandere Simulator Universe. His/her gender, appearance, age, and location is unknown. He/she contacts with students (primarily Yandere-chan), and does them favors/gives them advice in return for a service. This person contacts with students on a custom tv connected with a radio (for the student to hear him/her) and a microphone, for the student to communicate with Y.


Much of Y's history is unknown. However, what is known is that he/she lives somewhere in Japan. Where however, is unknown.


Y's personality is mysterious. What is known is that Y knows a lot, though not as much as Info-chan. Y stated at one point that he/she was a Yandere, though failed to get the lover.


  • He/she has encountered Info-chan before
  • It is unknown why Y goes by just Y
    • However it could be a hint to his/her Yandere past.

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