This is a page. You can't delete it since it doesn't violate any rules. It isn't WIP and will stay like this. As I am the owner I can prohibit any categories being added. The text below is a book. A book inside another joke book.


Xenpai is a user that joined this wiki on August 2, 2016. He's male if you couldn't tell that by now. He joined the canon wiki at July 7. His user name has six letters, no repeated letters, and is the shortest amount of letters possible for a wikia account. His username starts out with an X, Which makes him often appear latest on the chat list, top contributors of a thread, and anything that is by alphabetical order. Usersnames that start with a Y or a Z are the only possible way for someone to appear below my username. This denies the thought that usernames the start with numbers appear under those with letters in usernames since numbers appear above letters, And smaller numbers will appear above the numbers that are bigger. For example, 0guylol and 1punchman are on chat. 0guylol will be first on chat list since his username starts with a number, And it is smaller than 1. In some cases users may have the exact same start numbers, Which often makes the order alphabetical according to the first letter after the number. Let's continue our example : 1punchman was so mad that 0guylol was always above him. So 1punchman changed his username to 0punchman. He was happy and entered chat hoping to become the first on the list, Only to find that 0guylol was still the first on the list. He was so angry and decided to contact Wikia then for an explanation. The answer is easy, since 0punchman has a P after the number and 0guylol has a G, G is before P on the alphabet so 0guylol was sill first. Get rekt 1punchman. So far this is the page.

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