X(®) is the First fanmade company that has one of it's main branches in Tokyo, Japan and has over 170 branches in the Buraza and Shisuta towns. It's headmaster and controller is known by its workers and customers as Xenpai. Nobody has ever seen him, But he has various followers to spread his news and words.

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  • X-VR © Virtual Reality System.
  • X-Tech © X1 Mobile phone.
  • X-Tech © X2 Neo Mobile phone.
  • Xindows © Computer Operating System.
  • Xindows © Mobile Computer Operating System.
  • Xwipper © Social Media Website.
  • X500 Keyboard.
  • X500 Wireless Keyboard Bundle.
  • X500 Floating Rainbow-light mouse with wings and a phone gift.


  • Home X-Vaccuum © 850V, Suck-only.
  • Home BrainXwasher © 900V, "Kidnap, Brainwash, Well done!"
  • Home Destroyer X © "Press button, Run outta house, You're homeless!"


  • Grasxutter 600 © - "Be Careful, Cuts grass but may get blades from the grip!


  • XairBUS-7© Plane "Falls if more than 2 Passengers, Sorry!"
  • Xoing© 8 Plane "With pool inside!"
  • X Xienna Automobile "Cuts head if fuel is over!"


  • Xandantonga, A Murder-mystery anime and game series that has grown very famous recently.
  • Yandere Simulator : The Movie, A movie about a girl obsessed with a boy in a highschool, And may kill or do anything to gain his love before her rivals do.
  • Everyday Drama, A real-life programme that talks about the drama of a website. Everyday an episode is released. this is one of the corporation's largest works.


Their real goal is to earn customers' trust then destroy Japan slowly. They made X-enpai 1.0 with his unique abilities for that goal, But later they changed their mind about using him as a weapon.


They have hidden weapons in case if their destroy goal is starting.

  • X®'s nuclear blaster, Destroys 100 km2 per cluster.
  • X16 Combat rifle, 10 shots per sec.
  • Xannon, A very advanced cannon that can move a mountain with 3 shots. (Not made yet)


  • It is the first fanmade company.
  • They are the first and only company to have a registered trademark to prevent stealing.

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