Vitaly Makarov is a foreign exchange student from Siberia,Who is now studying in Akademi High school under Class 2-2.


He stands tall at a height of 6'2. He has quite a muscular build. His hairstyle is a short haircut but waxed to form a Mohawk. He wears the normal high school uniform for boys but he rolls up the sleeves revealing his bandaged arms. He strolls around school with a aluminum bat.


He speaks in a rough but comforting accent. He has trouble pronouncing Japanese and is trying to adapt to this new lifestyle, it's almost impossible to talk to him without him swearing. He bullies people who he dislike. But should you get through his rough exterior you will find he is a warm and caring person, He is not dumb he score well in school but his behavior is ranked low.

As a delinquent he frequently clashes with rival groups from other high schools, he frequently hangs out near the incinerator and will not hesitate to give you a fractured skull.

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