She is a covert pervert well offline at least when online she is absolute perv because people cannot see her. She has an inferiority complex and always thinks she is not good enough. She is super hard on herself and she thinks she cannot do anything right. She is a little bratty and she will whine and bitch if she isn't believed or if her technology is taken away.

She is socially awkward and when she speaks to a person she tells them to go away or to leave her alone. This is because she does not want them to figure out she is a perv and that she is looking at their body. She wishes her eyes wouldn't go down and that she could just look at their face.

She has anime addictions and she just goes from one to the next quickly. Sometimes the addictions are long term and last a long time. She is extremely perverted and lewd and childish. She is a drama queen and she will cause a scene.

She loves music and drawing. She is a lazy otaku who stays in her room all day on a Yandere Simulator Fanon Wiki. She often paces back and fourth mumbling to herself. She mumbles about anime things, video game ideas, character concepts and lines, etc.

She sometimes mumbles what she is typing while typing. She wishes she could stop though it is a reflex thing. she is underweight and she needs to drink protein shakes.


  • Is treated well by other girls, guys often bully her so she doesn't like them usually........ the dude has to be sweet

Kisekae codes





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