Vera Armbrüste is MiyukiAya's third OC of Yandere Simulator

Vera Armbrüste
Student Info
Career Unknown
Reputation Unknown
Club Student Council
Age 18
Persona Evil
Crush Not interest!
Additional Info None


Vera is going to attend to Akademi High School. Vera was born and use to live in Sweden, but suddenly she and her parents move to America. She really like it there and she's doing really great in middle school. When she pass middle school in America, she decided to go to Japan to attend high school while her parents decided to go back to Sweden.

She doesn't want to attend a public school, but she does want to attend to a private school called "Akademi High School". When she look at that school, she was amazed. She knows there is the killer in this school, when she stalks the killer, she'll just congratulated it and would try to mess with them, obviously.


Vera has dark brown hair, light skin, and red eyes which she wears a white and black suit, black and white dress button shirt, red tie, red skirt, black leggings, and white tall knee boots.(no idea for casuals just yet)


She is a very clever girl who seem to be curious of anything. She is shockingly a pervert to both men and women. She definitely not a bully at school (that's not her interest) but, she loves to mess around with psychopaths even if they're dangerous.


Bak Num-Sun

-Upcoming Enemy

Yun Zhong

--Coming Soon--

Kagami Houda

--Coming Soon--

Bakko Österreich

--Coming Soon--

Aika Houda

--Coming Soon--

Matt Malvagio

--Coming Soon--



  • Vera is a Swedish, Latin, Russian, Belarusian, female name.
  • Armbrüste is a German meaning for "crossbows".
  • Vera loves yoai, yuri, gay furry fandom, comics, yiff, and hentai.
  • Vera persona is Evil so, she plays as the antagonist.

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