these are just ideas about yansim that i have don't mind me

  • maybe like. instead of muja there's a nurse's helper instead?? like, a student or, at most, someone who is only there for a week to see what it's like in a high school nurse's office? like maybe they're related to the nurse and kinda wanna take a career in a school like hers, so before they do medical school they help for a week? Like someone who just graduated from school.
  • Give Mida Rana smaller boobs.
  • Get rid of AT LEAST one of the adults.
  • Maybe instead of Mida there's just a normal teacher who never notices fuckboy taro going all googoo uwu
  • Copycat rival that changes every day to Senpai's liking?
  • Mida acts only slightly slutty. She'd NEVER date a younger student.
  • Muja notices that Senpai is starting to get attatched tells him off. The rival switches, but Senpai is near Muja still a lot, so it's not obvious.
  • Muja wears something like this instead.
  • The club leaders have ACTUAL names????
  • Megami doesn't have feelings for Taro. However, just to get a final stab at Ayano, she decides to accept his confession.
  • Hanako isn't all kawaii desu and is like, a normal sister?? It's just that she'll always be with her brother and won't like Ayano confessing to him.
  • Ayano knows her family is known for yanderes, and is scared she'll become one. She tries to avoid it at her very best.
  • Maybe Ayano's colorblind idk

idk thats all i've got for now

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