New here and don't know what to use? An expert user searching for help? This page is made for people like you. If you, for whatever reason, are unable to use the portrait, kisekae, and other OC creation tools, please find portraits, kisecodes, and entire OCs from The Junkyard.

Wiki Pages

Pages on the wiki filled with useful things.

  • Useful Kisekae Stuff: A resource for various things related to kisekae, such as exports, props, tutorials, and more.
  • Useful Portrait Stuff: Assets for creating portraits, such as bases, hair pieces, and more.
  • The Junkyard: A page filled with portraits and OCs already made, so you don't have to spend the hassle to make them yourself.

Creating Portraits

Doll Makers

Name Generators and Lists

Generators for Help with Fanfictions and Wiki Games

Character Creation


Places and Users to Requests Portraits, Kisekae, and Other Artwork

  • DeadtheNeko does portrait requests.
  • Kamiko Takakawa does Kisekae requests. Read this for more information.
  • Mystiwaii does Kisekae requests, drawing requests, and MMD requests. Read this for more information on MMD requests.
  • Princess Shadinella does portrait requests.
  • Redandsymmetry, an active staff member, does student profiles/portrait requests and Kisekae requests. Read this for more information on portrait requests and this for more information on Kisekae requests.
  • ToriChanNya does portrait requests.


  • MikuMikuDance: 3D animation program that can be used for OC pictures and portraits.