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Usagi is very tall and slim. She wears her hair in messy buns, and has straight bangs and braids in her hair. She has her hair tied with two striped bows. She has dark brown hair that fades into a lighter brown, and yellowish skin. She has hazel eyes, and plump, peach lips. She wears the brown blazer uniform, with a black collar shirt, a plaid green tie, a brown and black blazer, a tan and black miniskirt, black thigh highs and white slip on shoes.


She has a laid-back personality when she is alone, often making jokes and laughing at it. She will refrain from manners and occasionally does things people would describe as overly vulgar. When in a large group of people, she will find a way to get out of it and proceed with different tasks. With people close to her, she is easily excitable.


Her relationship with her mother and father are very strong, as they have paid for funds to support her to study abroad. She checks back with them at home every day after school, and is sure to make sure everything is alright.They have had a good bond since she was a child.

She does not get along with her brother well due to misunderstandings, and refuses to talk to him.

Kisekae Codes


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