This is an OC created by User:GatorPucca. Please ask permission to use her in any way! Thank you! (Also I'm all for shipping lmao I just won't make it canon, btw let me know if you want my OC to be your OC's crush)

Unso Gomi is a non-canon/fanon character for Yandere Simulator, and will not appear in the game ever, unless you mess with the JSON files as best as you can, or, possibly, create her by making your own student in the final game.

She is a student at Akademi High School.


She has brown hair and pink eyes. Her hair is puts up in two pigtails with little heart bows. She wears pink stockings with magenta stripes.


She is a social butterfly, but is quite annoying to other students. She comes off creepy to others, since she often takes pictures of two students interacting, then runs off squealing happily. She isn't very smart, she will take a while to notice someone doing anything suspicious. She will often daydream about her favorite ships, which you can tell by how she stares off into space, evn during class sometimes.


(currently no page) Hana Ko- One of her friends, although it may be one-sided(Unso)

Kuu Dere - Her rumored crush.

Trivia/Fun Facts

  • Her first name means "Shipping", and her last means "Trash".
  • She is a character made to poke a little fun at 'crazy' fangirls in fandoms who are obsessed with their ships.
  • Her 'OTPs' are Saki x Kokona, Budo x Shin, and Mai x YandereDev.
  • During lunch, she will stalk students and take pictures of them interacting.
  • She has a "shipping wall" in her locker.
  • In the Art Club, she will be drawing her favorite ships kissing.
  • If she were to be a character in the game to befriend, you would have to help her take a picture of two students interacting, her excuse being that they threatened to tell the counselor if she tried herself.