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Un Dere
Student Info
Career Student
Reputation 50
Club None
Age 16
Persona Coward
Crush Daichi Tatakai
Additional Info Is an Undere.

Un Dere is ThatOtakuAuthor's Fourth OC. She is not found within the game, unless JSON files are edited so she is found in the game.


She is nothing special. Okay, that's a lie. When she was fourteen years old, she developed deeper feelings for her older brother, Utsu Dere, who was sixteen at the time. Having incest, she said yes to anything her brother said. One day, when she was sixteen, her brother asked a deep question.

"Should I stand up to the bullies?"

Un always said yes, but she couldn't say yes to this. She knew Utsu always was bullied and made fun of, but now it got to this point, she had to say no. She loved him so dearly that she wouldn't let him get hurt even more.

A day later, her incest stopped, because her eyes lay upon a person named Daichi Tatakai, and she became obsessed over him, even up to now.


Un Dere has long, pink hair, like that of Mai Waifu, but a little shorter. Her pink eyes have a little darker tone than her hair. Her skin is quite pale. She always wears Uniform 1.


She warms up to everyone, except for those who talk to her crush, whom she just ignores. She talks to everybody else, especially Daichi.



7:00 Arrives at school, parking her bike at the bike rack.

7:10 Goes to locker, changes shoes.

7:15 Goes to courtyard to converse with everyone.

8:00-1:00 Sits in Classroom 2-2 and learns.

1:00 Goes to cafeteria to talk with people.

1:30-3:30 Sit in class again.

3:30 Goes home.


Canon Characters

Ayano Aishi

Un thinks that she is a lovely person, but sometimes she finds her doing things that aren't nice.

Taro Yamada

Un thinks that he is a little lonely, and could use some friends.

Yui Rio

Un is aware of Yui's evil personality, and she does not like her.

Fanon Characters

My OC's

Sakura Nanami

Un doesn't like her, as she knows that Daichi is dating her.

Daichi Tatakai

Un is obsessed with Daichi, and thinks that he is the greatest thing before her brother. She wishes that he would like her, as she is aware of his various crushes.


  • Un's name is obviously a pun.
  • She is one of the weirdest characters ThatOtakuAuthor has ever written about on any website.
  • She is the first OC the creator has made that doesn't like anime.

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