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Ukema is a third year at Akademi High School. She was born in a broken home. When she was very young, she would see her mother get beat by her father alot. She didn't understand what was happening at the time and why it was happening. But one day, her mother took her and ran away.

From then on until Junior High School, she was home schooled, because her mother feared that her husband would find her and beat her again. Maybe even kill her. But when Junior High School came, she let her go, because she had gotten a job at a cafe and couldn't leave Ukema alone with the tutor. Around her final year of Junior High School she met Soko and Tetsuo and the three of them became as close as three peas in a pod.

Her second year at Akademi, she was caught in the middle of having sexual intercourse with Hiroto Itou, a boy confused on about what girl is right for him, by Saki Miyu, and then she told the other 5 of the Rainbow Six, and now Ukema gets lewd comments from boys when she passes them in the halls. That's when she joined the Gardening Club. She finds that being around flowers is rather relaxing.


Ukema has long red hair with uneven bangs that cover her forehead. Her hair covers her butt, but she won't let it get down any further.

She has pale skin and olive green eyes. Her bust size is 1.8


Ukema is someone who gives most people the cold shoulder, ignoring what they say to her, even if its kind, therefore, earning herself the nick name, "Ice Doll". But, in secret, she is rather perverse, sending "those" kind of pictures to boys when she is home alone, talking about hooking up with some of them. But acts cold towards most of them at school.


Tsuiseki Mosuniguramu : She strongly dislikes Tsuiseki, because of his random personality and the fact that he is dating Nagisa, unaware that he also knows that Nagisa is a boy

Nagisa Asano : She finds joy in picking on him daily, pushing him and calling names, because of him crossdressing, fooling most people around the school

Soko Tora : Her best friend

Tetsuo Iwai : Her other best friend, who keeps her homework and important stuff for her