Uchikina Tekinananoko is an OC owned by DeadlyTeddyBear009.

Uchikina Tekinananako



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Heterosexual Heterosexual

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Akademi High School




Budo Matsuda

Hogo Furendo

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Loves Crackers

Has a rivalry with ???

Mourning her dog's death


Her hair style is like Saki; this is inspired by the idea that rivals will have the most unique hair styles. She has Lavender eyes and hair. The portrait you see on this page gives you a complete look.

Credits to Bluecats for the portrait. (Thank You!)


This is an idea of what I want her to look like... I know, I'm a horrible drawer.


Uchikina is a lovely girl, but as her name suggests, she is a shy heroic girl.

Though she will be able to defend herself, if Yandere-Chan ever tries to stab her, she will kind of act like a teacher by grabbing the weapon. After this a minigame starts, it is similar to the minigame where the heroic characters try to stop Yandere Chan if she has a weapon if they see her commit murder. If Yandere Chan wins Uchikina will be stabbed in the head, while if Uchikina wins, she'll apprehend Yandere Chan.

Since her persona is heroic, if she sees Yandere Chan kill someone, she will dash towards her and try to apprehend her.


  • 7:10 AM - She comes in on the left side running in because she thinks she's late for her friend group meeting and heads towards her locker. She then changes from outside shoes to inside shoes.
  • 7:15 AM - She goes up the stairs to the rooftop on the west side to talk with Mary Jane, Raibaru Noitoko, and Shoni Teki.
  • 8:20 AM- They start going to class 3-1 and talk along the way.
  • 8:30 AM to 1:00 PM - She has her morning and noon classes.
  • 1:00 PM to 1:30 PM - She along with her friends go up to the rooftop to eat.
  • 1:30 PM - She'll go back up stairs to her classroom with her friends and start her second class.
  • 3:30 PM (Monday - Thursday) - She'll go back up to the rooftop with Raibaru Noitoko, Shoni Teki, and Mary Jane, and talk and look at the view.
  • 4:30 PM (Monday - Thursday) - They'll leave the school together, but first they'll go to their lockers.
  • 3:30 (Fridays) - She'll go to the Martial Arts Club room, and wait until it's time for the activity to start.
  • 6:00 PM (Fridays) - She'll leave the school together with the other Martial Arts Club members.


Find her a Martial Arts book, give it to her, then quiz her. This is an automatic process, after you find the book, select task, and you'll be shown a screen similar to helping a suitor study. It will say: Yandere Chan helps Uchikina study.


When she was younger, she would participate in the local Martial Arts school, so she could learn how to defend herself. Proclaiming to one day be a black belt, she trained hard, pushing herself to the limit. During this time, she met Hogo Furendo, and his sister, Imoto Furendo. Imoto had dreams of being a black belt too, while Hogo was there as the uninterested older brother that still supports other family member's goals. The two of them received their black belts, and continue to focus on their goals of becoming masters of Martial Arts. Uchikina kept in touch with the both of them for years, and was excited to hear they were accepted into Akademi High School.

When she was walking home one day, she heard a young girl crying. This was Shoni Teki, a young girl that ran away from home when she discovered she was sold as a bride to fuel her father's money grubbing ways. Bringing her home, she and her parents decided to take her in. The two developed a great friendship, and treat each other like sisters.

The second year of high school, she became friends with Raibaru Noitoko, after she protected her from the delinquents who were bullying her. The two became fast friends. The third year, she met Mary Jane, an American exchange student. The group of friends she's in are currently in conflict with a group of bullies, after Raibaru's brother attempted suicide.


Canon Characters and My OCs

Yandere-chan - She thinks there is something off about her. She theorizes that Yandere Chan is you guessed it: A yandere. Her friends think that she's weird for thinking this.

Senpai- Knows he's in class 3-2, annoyed for being oblivious to everyone flirting with him.

Kokona Haruka - Knows that she's in class 3-2. She was supposed to make her a uniform, as she claims she and her family can't afford new ones.

Saki Miyu - Knows her as a classmate. She offered to help find her bra; assumes she does Enjo-kōsai.

Budo Masuta - In a love triangle with him and Hogo, as both try to woo her. She loves him, but can't decide.

Hogo Furendo - In a love triangle with him and Budo, as both try to woo her. She loves him, but can't decide

Mary Jane - Her BFF since she came as an American exchange student.

Raibaru Noitoko - Her BFF ever since the first day of second year.

Shoni Teki - Her BFF and honorary sister since childhood. Her family adopted her when she was found abandonded on the streets.

Oka Ruto - Thinks she's creepy for stalking the Basu sisters.

Sakyu Basu and Inkyu Basu - Doesn't believe that they're supernatural creatures, and thinks that Inkyu Basu is an idiot.

Midori Gurin - A friend of hers but face palms regularly because of her stupid questions.

Pippi Osu - Likes her because she is a gamer like her.

Ryuto Ippongo - Likes him for the same reason as Pippi. She tries to help him confess to Pippi, but he's failed every time.

Monica Mischievite - Is confused because one minute she's a perve and wants to kill people, the next, she'll be your BFF and will buy you Oreos.

Other OCs

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"Really? Thank you." - When she's complimented.

"What is wrong with you? We don't need to bring you to an asylum do we?" - When Yandere Chan is insane or laughing manically.

"What's with the weapon? You better not hurt yourself or anybody else with that thing!" - When she sees Yandere Chan with a weapon.

"You just k-killed someone.... Stop right now!" If witnessing Yandere Chan kill someone.

"You pervert, stop doing that.... You're probably sending things to Info Chan aren't you!" When witnessing Yandere Chan take panty shots.

"Oka.... stop that! You should be a better role model to the other students! I get it, Sakyu looks like a prostitute, and her little sister seems to be heading down that road to, but that doesn't give you the right to stop them. Everyone would believe you more if you were saying that Sakyu and Inkyu were trying to become prostitutes, and you were trying to stop them. - Her to Oka on the subject of stalking Sakyu and Inkyu.


(Non Canon) She saw Yandere Chan kill a lot of people at the time of the video It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Murder. [1]

Mary Jane is her only friend from America.

Her favorite color is Lavender.