Tsukimi Narumiya
Student Info
Career Unknown
Reputation -20
Club Occult
Age 18
Persona Evil
Crush  ???
Additional Info Capable of Self Defense (Moderate)

Most likely to turn her back on someone.

Tsukimi Narumiya (成宮 月見 Narumiya Tsukimi) is an OC made by FauxMachine. She is a third year in Class 3-2.

(Do not edit this page or use Tsukimi without permission. If you want to form friendships, rivalries, or relationships with Tsukimi, let me know! However, if you want Tsukimi to have a romantic relationship with your OC, I want a good explanation as to why.)


Tsukimi has medium length, messy, lavender hair which falls slight past her shoulders with her bangs swept to the left. The ends of her hair is dyed a dark purple. She has droopy, soft pink eyes. Tsukimi stands at 174 cm (about 5'7") and weighs 58 kg (about 127.6 lbs). Most of the time, one can find her with a strained. Depending on the school outfit chosen, her stockings change. No matter the school outfit, she will wear a large red bow on the head and the occult club choker.


At first glance, many mistake Tsukimi for a gentle girl who is in a constant of worry. However, that persona is a front to what really lies in the heart of the young girl. A select few generally know what goes on in her mind. Not one to drag attention to her, Tsukimi stays quiet most of the time and watches behind the scenes. While not one to outright complain, she does tend to curse internally. Aside from the Occult Club, Tsukimi is very introverted and does not like going out places outside of schools. A party? She’s probably home reading a book.

On a few rare occasion, she purposefully lets her front slip to intimidate those who might cause trouble for her later. During that time, she is fairly sarcastic and aggressive. She doesn’t relent once she locks on her victim; she wants to be sure they won’t say a thing to anyone. This does not keep her from being around people. She just keeps quiet around to find anything that she could possible use against someone if they get on her nerves later.

Although she is practically disinterested in the student body, Tsukimi has genuine interest in the Occult Club and its members. It’s not the positive interest, where one is all happy and having fun. To simply describe hers, it’s more of a “I wonder what’s going on inside their heads.” kind of interest. She treats them with a bit of respect, more than what the other students give them at least, but she isn’t as into the things done in the club as the others. Here, she is more outspoken when given the chance.


There are few memories of what the girl has of her mother, but what she can remember, they were not pleasant. Tsukimi was born when her mother, Tsubasa,  was only 16. Prior to Tsukimi’s birth, Tsubasa engaged in Enjo Kousai frequently. The dates were simple karaoke bar dates, but they soon escalated out of control. However, Tsubasa didn’t mind as long as she got what she wanted. After finding out she was pregnant, the man she had been going on the dates with simply abandoned her. Fearing about what her parents would do if they found out what their child had been doing, she ran away.

Tsukimi lived with her mother for the first four years of her life before promptly being taken away from her mother and placed in an orphanage for her safety. Although she was too young to understand why, Tsukimi was constantly put down by her mother, saying she was to blame for their horrid way of living. It left a long psychological effect on the girl growing up. Not too long after fourth birthday, her mother suddenly disappeared without a trace causing the child to be taken to a hopefully better place.

For about four years, Tsukimi lived in the orphanage. Many of the children there were not fond of the little girl due to her way of treating others. She spoke roughly with the children as well as the caretakers, not fully realising that treating people that way was no acceptable. This made her unfavourable amongst the group, sometimes it caused the other children to attack her. The girl showed no signs of stopping sooner.

Around the time she was eight, she was adopted by a middle class family with older  two children. Everything after that was disastrous. Within a month of being with the family, she was disliked. The child would not get along with the two children despite the pleas of her guardians. Not only that, she would not comply with rules of the household. She was in constant trouble.

Fortunately for the family, she calmed down by the end of her middle school years as the last of the two to left for college. However, her parents were worried about her reputation amongst the children of the town and feared that her high school years were going to be a lot more troublesome, so they moved out of town. They settled down in Buraza Town, where Tsukimi began to attend Akademi High, with a new, somewhat calmer personality.


Oka Ruto

Tsukimi sees Oka quite often, as she is a part of the Occult Club and in the same class as Oka. Her morning routine generally consists of her sitting on the bench, while Oka watches the Basu Sisters. After Oka is done watching the girls, they walk to class together, often having the same conversation.

"Did they do anything different?"
"That's to bad."

Although she wouldn't outright admit it, Tsukimi has grown a bit fond of Oka. Despite Oka's quiet nature and weird stalking habits annoying her at first, it grew to be a charm point.

Ayano Aishi

Tsukimi doesn't associate herself with Ayano all that much, but she can't say that she doesn't have interest in what the girl's motives are. Since her first encounter, Tsukimi could tell there was something a little off about her, but she didn't say anything. She'd rather see how things unfolded in the long run. Despite how the other students felt about the murders/disappearances at school, Tsukimi was rather interested, especially since it dealt with girls who got near everyone's beloved "Senpai".

Tsukimi would soon find herself following Ayano every once in a while to see if she could ever catch her in the act because she was sure it was Ayano behind all the murders.


Although she has made no personal contact with Info-chan herself, from what Tsukimi has heard from the students, she is not that good of a person. Upon hearing this, Tsukimi has a personal goal of meeting Info-chan or getting in contact with her just to know what she is all about.

Budo Masuta

Being in his class is like a chore for Tsukimi. Although she can admit she is impressed by his martial arts skills, she cannot stand hearing him talk about it constantly. He sounds like a broken record to her. If he weren't as strong as he was, Tsukimi may have taken him on herself. She chooses her battles wisely around him.

Orion Abernathy

The two's first meeting was disastrous. Orion's smart remarks angered Tsukimi, but she took interest in him because no one actually talked to her like that a first meeting (or at all). While they do not get along or talk much, Tsukimi finds herself curious as to what he is doing and occasionally pops up from time to time to see what's happening with him. Whenever they talk, it usually is petty bickering.

Marisol Santiago

Their first meeting happened with Marisol bumping into Tsukimi, promptly causing her to drop all of her stuff. Upset by the girl's lack of awareness, she gave the girl an earful as well as a few insults on lack of Japanese. She doesn't see Marisol often, but when she does Marisol is darting off in the opposite direction. Tsukimi couldn't careless about the girl.


7:00 - 7:05 AM: Arriving on the school grounds.

7:05 AM - 7:15 AM: At her locker, getting ready for the day and changing her shoes.

7:15 AM - 8:00 AM: Meets with Oka, goes to the roof and waits patiently for Oka to do her "thing". (During Oka's week and onward.) or In the Occult Club room (Prior to Oka's week).

8:00 AM - 1:00 PM: In class.

1:00 PM - 1:30 PM: In the Occult Club room.

1:30 PM - 3:30 PM: In class

3:30 PM - 6:00 PM: Heading towards the Occult Club room and participating in club activity.


  • "Irritated? I look as if something is bothering me? I'm fine...It's just how my face is most of the time."
  • I can’t be seen with you right now. People with think I conspired in the murder with you. I’ll talk to you later if it’s really important.” (If she saw Yandere-chan murder someone near with other people.)
  • What you did yesterday....I didn’t tell anyone, but I’m kinda curious to what else you can do.” (To Yandere-chan if she was the only witness to her murder.)
  • Why did someone like me join the Occult Club? What kind of person do you think I am? Do I look like a child to you? I can handle myself. It's not like they can summon a demon anyways...I think.” (If someone questions her choice on joining the Occult Club.)
  • "Why am I always with Oka? I don't have anyone else that doesn't particularly bother me."
  • "If I weren't in the Occult Club, what other club would I be in? I don't think any other club interests me as much...but if I had to choose, probably the Martial Arts Club." (Asked about choosing a different club)
  • "Oh? Seems that we have a murderer on the lose." (If she sees a dead body, prior to running off.)


  • Her hair is naturally lavender. She began to dye the ends dark purple when she first entered high school.
  • She is Bisexual and leans towards femininity.
  • If Yandere-chan exposes Kokona Haruka for compensated dating, not only would Tsukimi be outraged, she would be one of the bigger voices to express dislike for Kokona.
  • Like many other with the personality trait, if she were to catch Yandere-chan murdering someone, she would smile and run off, but not alert the police. The next day, if Yandere-chan is not arrested, she may secretly congratulate her on getting away with murder.
    • If Yandere-chan completes Tsukimi’s task, she will unlock an option to get Tsukimi to throw away/burn evidence. However, Tsukimi’s task is unlocked in the third week of the game. However, this will only work once before she returns favours like the other students. It also will not work if Yandere-chan asks her to dispose weapons that were used on the Occult Club members or if it is a body part of a member from that club.
  • If she caught Yandere-chan killing a member of the Occult Club, she won’t express her approval. She’ll watch blankly and assure Yandere-chan that she will not tell anyone.
    • If Yandere-chan tries to Tsukimi the next day, Tsukimi will promptly ignore her.


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