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Tsukare Hare
Student 666
Student Info
Career Unknown
Reputation 0
Club Occult Club
Age 18
Persona Unknown
Crush Shin Higaku
Additional Info None
Tsukare Hare is an OC created by the user CracKers :B. She is a student in Akademi High School and belongs to the Occult Club.


Tsukare wear the default uniform of the academy. Her hair is similar to Saki Miyu's first hairstyle but her's is Dark Fuchsia and with black clamps on each queue. Her eyes are red and surrounded by dark circles as well as other members of the Occult Club. Their socks are short, red unlike other students.

Her skirt has been sewn around the rim.


She is a little shy and shares the same walk and idle animation with Oka Ruto. However, when she sees Yandere-chan killing or carrying a body, she will congratulate you for having killed the student.

If she sees you killing or carrying Shin Higaku, she run to call a teacher, making her a Teacher's Pet if you murder her crush.


Arrived at 7:00 A.M. with other students, but unlike them, she walk directly to her Occult Club (except Friday) and perform a different ritual every day, if Yandere-chan interrupt Tsukare during her ritual, she will tell something and you lose reputation.

Walk towards her classroom at 8:00 AM to 1:00 P.M. Coming out to lunch. In Friday, Tsukare spy Cho when he fence to the bathroom on the top floor.


« Whatever, it's just another student less to me. »
— Tsukare when she sees Yandere-chan carrying a body
« You did this? I swear I will not say anything, but you should get rid of the body faster. »
— Tsukare when she sees Yandere-chan killing a student
« WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?! Oh...God ... »
— Tsukare when she sees Yandere-chan killing Shin Higaku


  • Her name means "Tired with eyecups". Tsukare (Tired) and Hare (Eyecups).
  • You may play as Tsukare Hare at the moment, but her hair claws not appear.
  • One of the rituals that she does exactly the Thursday morning is related to get the love of Shin, as he ignores him.
  • If Yandere-chan don't connect her through the "Cupid" method before the last day of the game, she commits suicide, that's also what happens if Shin dies.
  • When you switch to the swimsuit, you can see a scar on her leg, but if you put the suit or the Uniform Gym, this is not visible.
  • Her design was recently updated and now shows a scar across her face.