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This is an AU shared between Jacbocford, Horizonfudgy, Igor the Mii, SenpaiX, Triple Devil, Swedechef, Dubstep drop and LenLawliet.

Canon characters


  • Mei Mio: Short, carefree, bubbly, very easily amused. She is a bit of an airhead.
  • Kokona Haruka: Students feel sorry for her. She was introduced to Enjo Kosai by getting taught at age 13.
  • Shima Shita: She legally changed her surname after fleeing from her house because her parents had the habit of shitting on her forehead while she's asleep which causes fucky dreams.





  • Fumio Hisuke : Total perv with crushes on all females.
  • On Na: Kindest girl at school.
  • Humiko Daisuke: Anti-pervert and tries to stop her cousin.
  • Tainako Konota:She's yandere for Ayano.
  • Junia Nāsu: Has crushes for people who visit the Nurse's office much. Is more likely to ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) when only one is in it.
  • Shinichi Fuka:A serial killer that has marked on LGBT students for some reason. Is homophobic.

Triple Devil's

Igor the Mii's



Dubstep Drop's


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