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Toshiyuki Tsuin
Student Info
Career Unknown
Reputation Unknown
Club Unknown
Age 18
Persona Unknown
Crush Lucy Hooti
Additional Info None

Toshiyuki Tsuin is an OC created by Fanfiction-chan. However, since she had to many OC he has been passed down to Jacbocford. and then Sekiranun took em




Toshiyuki is a deredere, meaning he is very happy, kind, and hyper. However, he ain't the sharpest tool in the shed. He is also sometimes stressed out and prone to random panic attacks every now and then. He enjoys being around his brother, and doesn't mind when people mistake him for Toshihiro. He doesn't know how close is too close for comfort.

Being a social butterfly, when Toshihiro witnesses murder, he will rush to the nearest crowd of people and call the cops.


Lucy Hooti

One-sided Crush

Toshiyuki often visits Lucy at her maid job. The one who first introduced the two was his eldest sister, who was currently in the same college and in multiple classes with Lucy. Toshiyuki fell in love, despite their age difference and them going to different schools. He dreams of one day marrying her, and acts kinder and sweeter when around her. Lucy has yet to find out about this crush.

Toshihiro Tsuin

Identical Twin Brothers

Toshiyuki loves his brother, but sometimes gets too close for comfort. Toshihiro loves his brother as well, but hates it when people mistake the two for each other.

Fanfikushon Chosha


Toshiyuki once read yaoi of him and his brother by Fanfikushon. He never spoke with her again.