Tord HulaDancer MoonWay DaBalk is a student that currently attends akedemi high.

Appearance Tord has spiked cat ears like hair that is green with white stars in it. He is a black person......He has pink eyes.

Persona Tord is a racist,murderous,evil,black,pole dancing communist from the mountains of Norwegian Argentina.He likes guns.

Routine 6:00:Worships the giant AF4K in the sky 7:00:Goes to school 7:15:Wears his fancy dinosaur boots 7:45:Kills people 7:50:Eats babies 8:24:Goes to class 1:00:Eats his lunch 1:18:Masturbate against a stick 1:30:Goes to class 3:30:Goes squatting 3:59:Call people racist things 4:00:To rest of the day: BREATH


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