This is a fanfiction written by AkaTheFangirl.


Buruza Town has been taken over by President Yandere, and she has made 'districts'. The districts are sections of Buruza Town... and President Yandere forces the districts to work for her and President Senpai, aka the Capitol. But the districts hate this and start a rebellion, but the districts lose. As revenge, the Capitol start The Hunger Games. Each year each district shall offer a female and a male between the ages of 12-18. These 'tributes' shall be transfered to a public arena where they will fight to the death, until a lone victor remains... this has happened for 74 years. Let the 74th hunger games begin...

And may the odds be ever in your favor.


President Coin: Senpai and Yandere-chan

Primrose Everdeen: Yuna Hina

Gale Hawthorne: Sota Yuki

Haymitch Abernathy: Sora Sosuke

Effie Trinket: Mei Mio



Marvel: Juku Ren

Cato: Budo Masuta

District 3 Male: Daku Atsu

District 4 Male: Dandy Pompadour

District 5 Male: Haruto Yuto

District 6 Male/Jason: Hayato Haruki

District 7 Male: Josuke Pompadour

District 8 Male: Chojo Tekina

District 9 Male: Riku Soma

District 10 Male: Ryusei Koki

Thresh: Sho Kunin

Peeta Mallark: Ryuto Ippongo


Glimmer: Kokona Haruka

Clove: Osana Najimi

District 3 Female: Info-chan

District 4 Female: Midori Gurin

Foxface: Saki Miyu

District 6 Female: Rival-chan

District 7 Female: Sakyu Basu

District 8 Female: Koharu Hinata

District 9 Female: Oka Ruto

District 10 Female: Tsundere-chan

Rue: Yui Rio

Katniss Everdeen: Pippi Osu


Chapter 1


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