This an OC by Unknown Ghosts. You must ask her to use it.



So the first born one was Sally (The first finger). She was born in 2000. She is 16 years old. She has short hair because she cuts it alot. The second brother is Ed. (The second finger). He is an complete idiot. He gets F's alot. The third one is Bob. (The third finger). He is married. (The reason he has a ring). He is easily impressed. He is kinda smart and gets C+. The fourth one is Bill. (The last finger). He is angry all the time because he hates everyone. He feels like the only smart one. He gets B+.


Sally is a smart girl. She is kind hearted and nice. Ed is a dim headed guy. He is nice though. Bob is easily impressed. Someone says they love him? He is like "OMMGGGGG IM SO IMPRESSED!!!!!!!"..... Bill is the youngest. He thinks everyone is an idiot. He is a sorta smart guy though.


Sally has a crush on senpai. Ed is too dim headed to have a crush or even know what it means. Bob is married to Mai Waifu (In this imagination) (PLOT TWIST!!!!!!!!). Bill has no crush.


  • The fingers belong to little tommy :)
  • They were born all a year after one other.
  • They have a unknown mother and father.

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