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The 11th Rival is a short fanfiction by Porcy, set from the perspective of Natsumi Hamasaki, a cute transfer student from Tokyo who transfers on Friday and develops a crush on Senpai. She hears about the cherry tree myth, and makes up her mind to confess to him that day. Will Yandere-chan kill the new girl before she can confess to Senpai? Or will she wind up Heartbroken?

Chapter 1 - A Beautiful Boy

Natsumi sat on the blue bench, a half-eaten bento resting in her hands. With a sigh, she turned to gaze at her beautiful Senpai, who was just standing there in a corner, doing nothing. “Oh, Senpai. When will you notice how I feel about you?” she whispered, getting up from her spot and slowly creeping towards him. “Okay, I’ve made up my mind… I’ll tell him how I feel today! I hope he accepts my feelings…” the girl sighed heavily, eyes glued to her hands. Turning her head to look behind her, for a split second she spotted a girl with a black pigtail lunging at her with a pair of scissors. However, Natsumi didn’t have time to react, because as soon as she realized what was happening, everything went white.

Natsumi’s eyes flew open and she sat up in her bed instantly. It was just a dream… but she could still feel the pain in the back of her neck. She stretched out her sore arms and slunk out of bed, preparing to go to school. First, Natsumi pulled open a drawer filled with panties and stockings. She then took great care to select the most popular type of panties, the Kawaii Moe Shimapan. They were so popular because they showed off the curves of a girl’s butt, and Natsumi did have a pretty curvy body herself.

She slipped the girly pink panties she had previously worn that night off her body, under her bottomless yellow nightgown. Taking the teal-and-white striped underwear out of the dresser, she pulled those ones up. She pulled up her short skirt as well, and slipped her arms through Akademi High’s school uniform top. Natsumi squeezed her small , thigh-high black stockings on, and proceeded to step into the black shoes. Now she was all set… almost.

Natsumi had forgotten to take out her pigtails before she went to sleep. Now the long, pink twintails looked kind of fuzzy, and you could tell that she slept with them in. A light blush spread across her features, and Natsumi took a hairbrush from her dresser and quickly ran it through her hair, just so that she would at least look okay. She was late! It was already 7:30! Everybody was probably already at their lockers now. “Bye, Mom!” Natsumi yelled as she snatched the uncooked toast out of the toaster and stuffed it into her mouth, bursting through the door.

Her fast pace began to slow to a jog after she had gotten out of the house. It was a beautiful day. Birds were chirping. The sakura trees were in full bloom. Pink and white petals fell down around her like snow. She took a moment just to admire the beautiful scenery, to take in all the sounds and the sights and the smells.

She could hear two voices off in the distance. Natsumi turned her head to look at them. There stood the beautiful boy from her dream and that girl from her dream... the one with the black ponytail. She felt her heart flutter as she looked at the boy. He was perfect... he had black hair, dreamy eyes, and a beautifully sculpted face. The girl with the ponytail, however, had no light in her eyes. They were just black. She turned her head in her direction and gave her a dirty look. Natsumi felt her face become warm as she got up and ran towards the school, which was only a few blocks away.

Chapter 2: The Cherry Tree Myth

Natsumi ran hurriedly towards her school, which was right in front of her by now. It was a large white building, with sakura treeslining the stone path. As soon as she arrived at the front gate, she continued running until she got through the doors.

All the girls were gathered in a circle. Natsumi crouched down carefully behind her locker to listen to what was being said, as she was curious, but it would be awkward for her to just barge into their conversation. "So, today's a Friday. Any of you planning to confess to someone?" the teal-haired girl asked everyone. She looks just like Hatsune Miku, with her teal twintails! Natsumi thought.

"I was, but... now... I just don't feel like having a relationship..." one with purple drills said. "Just... never mind."

Why would somebody only confess to their love on a Friday, Natsumi wondered? What significance did it hold? Her question would be answered very soon. "Why would you confess on a Friday of all days?" a green-haired girl asked absently. One girl with a red side ponytail turned to look at her. "Remember the cherry tree myth? The one where if you confess to someone under the cherry tree behind the school on a Friday, they are guaranteed to accept your love confession?"

That was all she needed to know. Natsumi moved away from the gossiping area, got up, and went to class 1-1. That was easy to remember, 1-1. Her teacher was named Reina Nana. Also easy to remember. But before she could get up, that one girl was standing over her. The one with the black ponytail. Natsumi quivered with fear at her cold, lifeless stare.

Suddenly, the girl's face broke out into a smile. "I just wanted to tell you that you look lovely today!" she chirped in a cheerful, sing-song voice.

"Oh! R-really? Wow, thank you, th-that's so nice of you to say..." she faked a smile and got up quickly to go to class, before the mysterious girl could say anything else.

When Natsumi arrived, nobody was there except the teacher, who stood at a podium, frozen in place. She had a brown ponytail and looked the same as all the other teachers. Perhaps they were all sisters? They didn't have the same family name...

"Welcome to the class. You may read for ten minutes, until all the other students come." the teacher spoke firmly. And Natsumi nodded and got a book to read off the shelf. But she didn't read it. She was too busy thinking about the cherry tree myth... was it true? Should she confess her feelings to him that day?

Chapter 3 - I Want to Speak With You

The class was boring. Some people named Yui Rio, Haruto Yuto, Midori Gurin and Ryuto Ippongo shared the classroom with her. AFter the boring class was over, Natsumi went down the stairs to get her bento box out of her locker, and to send the boy a note. Once she came down, the first thing Natsumi did is write a note.

Dear Senpai,

I want to speak with you about something. Please meet me at the cherry tree behind the school at 4:00.

I hope you'll be there.


And Natsumi signed it. But, after she went to her locker, she discovered a note. "Ooh! A secret admirer? They must be asking to meet me at the cherry tree! I hope it's not at the same time as Senpai..." Natsumi murmured to herself.

Dear Natsumi,

I want to speak with you about something. Please meet me behind the cherry tree at 3:00.

I hope you'll be there.

The young girl was excited. She already had a secret admirer, on her first day of school? And she still had time to confess to Senpai! Natsumi rushed up the stairs with her blue bento box, until she finally reached the rooftop. She sat down on the bench and ate some of her rice... only to find, after the first few spoonfuls, a syringe?

It was small, the size of her pinky finger. Natsumi made a huge scene. "Oh my god! I found a needle in my food!" she screamed, throwing the box over the railings. Who knows what else could be in there? You didn't just find a drug needle in your food and have it be an accident. Obviously someone was threatening her, or trying to poison her... but they would use real poison if they wanted to hurt her, so they were probably threatening her. Why else would there be a syringe in her bento?

Chapter 4 - Kidnapped

Natsumi wanted desperately to tell a teacher, but it was 3:00 already. She just couldn't stand this person up! How cruel! After lunch, Natsumi flew down the stairway, and to the sakura tree. After she arrived, Natsumi looked around. There was nobody there. That's when she felt a sharp prick in the back of her neck, just like in her dream, and she blacked out.

Natsumi woke up in a dark room. She couldn't see anything. The girl tried to get up, but her hands were tied securely to what seemed like a metal pole. "W-where am I?!" Natsumi demanded to know, her wrists stinging from rope burns. She could hear someone began to giggle softly, and her giggle turned into a quiet laugh, which morphed into a loud laugh, and then a maniacal cackle. That's when the lights flickered on, revealing... the black-haired girl with the ponytail!

There were other girls, tied to the pole, too. Natsumi moved her head around (her head was the only part not tied up) and she could see one girl with orange twintails and pink scrunchies, a teacher with unusually large breasts, and a woman wearing a nurse outfit. Another one looked like Senpai, but as a girl and she looked to be about twelve. There were six other girls, too, but she couldn't see their faces.

"Who are you, anyway?!" Natsumi demanded once again. "Her name is Yandere-chan, baka! Everyone knows that!" she heard the one with the scrunchies yell.

To be continued...

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