Tetsuya is a smart all A's student who has been learning to cook, ever since he was young. He has a crush on Kimmi Taffi.


Sakurai is a male student whose hair is brown with red streaked sideburns. He has short hair with bangs meeting in the middle. He wears a small and black side top hat with a red band around it and red lace to the left of the hat. He has glasses with a red fringe and red heart earrings. His skin is pale, and his eyes are red, big and sharp. Unlike most male students in school, he usually frowns like the typical female.


Sakurai may be quiet and socially awkward. However, he is not shy, and can be arrogant. Since he is smart, it would be possible for him to find out about Yandere-Chan's true nature, and will spread rumors about her if he does. If this happens, it will be possible for Yandere Chan to find out is crush and spread rumors about it on social media. Others will then start to bully and make fun of him for being a "sucker" or a "nerd". This will greatly decrease his reputation, and it will be more difficult for him to get others to believe his gossip about Yandere-Chan. Even though he is a teacher's pet, he will become annoyed with the player and block his face, when the camera is aimed at him. Sakurai may be aggressive, but he is quite a romantic and reads a lot of love stories. An exception is Twilight, since he hates that series with a passion.


  • Like Saki Miyu, Sakurai's appeaance is a reference to a fictional character. Instead of Hatsune Miku from the series of Vocaloid, he is based on Sakutaro Morishige from Corpse Party
    • He also shares his first name with Sakutaro's voice actor, Tetsuya Kakihara.
    • Like Sakutaro, his birthday is on Valentine's Day, the fourteenth of February,
  • His last name is a mix between the Japanese words, "Sakura," meaning cherry blossom tree, his favorite kind, and "Ai", meaning love, for his romantic nature. "Sakurai" is a real Japanese last name as well.
  • His blood type is a reference to his grades, "A+".
  • He is often mistaken for being a homosexual, since he has a lot of heart and rose designs on his outfits and items, and since he watches films and reads books primarily about romance.