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To be redone
Student 13-1


,like most boys his age, and having an average weight of 151.2 lbs, to go along with his height. He has red eyes and red hair pulled back with pins. The back of his hair seems to be a bit untamed. As an accessory, he wears the martial arts club head band.


Friendly- He will walk up to a random student at school and strike up a conversation with them. This usually results in him gaining a friend or admirer-er.

Trusting- If you need something important done and have a secret you want to tell someone you know will keep their mouth shut, Tetsuo is your guy. He keeps his friends' secrets to himself and doesn't bring it up unless they do.

Optimistic- His optimism shines in some of the most pessimistic places. This is why he joined the Martial Arts Club,because of all the optimism it has. He praises Budo Masuta for making it this way, he looks up to him and admires him. He tries his hardest when he's sparring to get praise.

Argumentative- Whenever he gets into an argument with someo


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