Teobaldo Sommeil
Student Info
Career Student
Club Sleeping, Gaming
Age 16
Persona Sleepy, Kind
Crush Haruto

Teobaldo Sommeil is an OC created by wiki user Pittooey. He is non-canon.

He attends Akademi Highschool.


Teobaldo has black hair, and heterochromia iridum (two coloured eyes) which are blue and orange. He wears a light grey scarf, and the traditional school uniform. He also brings a dark grey bag to school.


Teobaldo is a quiet and sleepy student. When he is awake, he likes to play games on his portable devices. He is kind and usually too sleepy to notice what's going on. He talks slowly, and due to his sleeping habits it may be hard to befriend him.


Teobaldo grew up with his father who was a single depressed man. While he was younger at school, he often got bullied by the kids for being a "girly boy", causing him to think of peoples insults, and torture as "fun"

While going out he bumped into Haruto Yuto.Haruto being nice helped him up with Teo instantly getting a crush on him due to his kind actions

He decided to join Akademi High school just for him not caring even if he gets more people to have "fun" with him.


Teobaldo likes gaming and sleeping. He prefers story games and MMORPGs. He also likes to watch anime.



Haruto is Teobaldo's crush.

Charlotte Levian

Charlotte Levian is Teobaldo's best friend. Charlotte lets him sleep on her shoulder and watches him play games. Usually, they talk at Skype at home, but they also talk in the library, where Teobaldo goes to nap. They have known each other since Charlotte first began attending Akademi Highschool.


  • His last name, Sommeil, means sleep in French.
  • He is gay.
  • His favourite drink is soda.
  • He has strange markings on his back.

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