Tenshi Fukami is made and owned by talkingyap


Tenshi Talopa is rumored to be an angle disguised as a normal High-School Student.


Tenshi has light blue hair, his hair is styled like a bowl cut ( ,His eyes are lemon coloured.

He wears a white scarf striped with baby blue which completely covers his mouth


Tenshi is quiet, a bit talkative know and again.He is a kind soul, however he has no sense of humor.However, despite all of this, he shows no physical


A picture of Tenshi (Old name)

emotion (Based of the quiet mysterious guy stereotype)

Game Persona

If the killer is not present, he will blame the nearest person, and would restrain them.If killer is around, he would restrain the person(much like heroic)


-Steal the occult club materials(knife,books,coats,ect) All

"Oh, could you help me get the occult clubs items without them realizing your there? I tried to get the occult items for an exception, however they hesitated upon me trying to get the their items, they said something like "not to be touched by pure hands", I would do it myself, however I have a councler meeting after school, get the items before the meeting alright?"
"Good, don't sabotage the items or dilly dally with them"




7:05 AM=Enters school grounds

7:15 AM= Observes on-going clubs

8:00 AM=goes to class 2-1 and sits at his desk(Morning Class)

1:00 PM=Reports to counselor,Headmaster or Student council President

1:10 PM=Eats in an random storage room

1:30 PM =goes to class 2-1 and sits at his desk(Afternoon Class)

3:30 PM =Joins Nerd-chan in the library.

Match Making

  1. At the start of the game, Tenshi has a crush on Nerd-chan, however, he acts like a tsundere, decline the accusations of him having a crush on her. The player must then woo him into realizing his love to her, he would confess a day before Nerd-chan would confess to Taro.The following day would be a free day for the player, allowing them to focus on their reputation.
  2. Another way is too kill his darling sister Shimoda Fukami, sending him through a wormhole of depression. Nerd-chan, who is his best friend, would pity him, hence having most of her time comforting the heart broken friend. This causes Nerd-chan to feel empathy for once to real life people than silly character from books. She would gradually gain a love interest to Tenshi, on the last week they would become an official couple. Even if this is the easiest way, A week after his sister's death, Tenshi would inform the head master of a killer in the school, a group of students would help him search every court,hall,room,chests of the school for any traces of a murderer or a kidnapper. Making it harder for the player to kill or kidnap anyone else.


Aki Nakao

Aki Nakao is Tenshi's Best friend.Due to their personality's being similar, (Quiet,School lovers and ect) he is the best choice to be used to match make with Aki.

The Basu Twins

Tenshi Dislikes the basu sisters due to the rumor of them being supernatural

Shimoda Fukami

Shimoda Fukami is Tenshi's younger sister, even if she is bitter towards him, he loves her with all of his heart.


  1. Out of all the club, he dislikes the occult club the most for an unknown reason.
  2. Tenshi would not accept favors during patrol, only during Lunch he would. If the player asks for a favor during patrol, he would be suspicious, as he thinks the player is trying to distract him.
  3. If a student distracts Tenshi , he would simply shrug it off and proceeds with patrol (shorter than normal students)

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