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Tenshi Fukami is rumored to be an angle disguised as a normal High-School Student.


Tenshi has light blue hair, his hair is styled like a bowl cut ( ,His eyes are lemon coloured.

He wears a white scarf striped with baby blue which completely covers his mouth


Tenshi is known to be quiet , an neat freak ,yet also known to lash out on people quiet easily. He only lashes out at people for little things like littering or not washing thier hands, but never when he gets teased or bullied. After years and years of being bullied, others who try to tease/bully him would not get a reaction, instead a hollow stare from the late tormented Tenshi.

Like previously mentioned, Tenshi was bullied, even if he told the teachers it never stopped, aparently because he was a "Cry-Baby". This brought him a long love for justice, he hopes that others follow him believing that everyone should be treated equeally, female or male , young or old , it didnt and never mattered to him.

Game Persona

If he is presented with a body, Tenshi would restrain the closes Person even if they haven't done it nor he witnessed it. (Much like a Heroic) If there were Multiple people in the room, he would run away and take a mental note.


-Steal the occult club materials(knife,books,coats,ect) All

The Club item check would be in today's student council meeting, i'm suppose to gather the occult club and check on thiers, but they kept on telling me that i couldnt touch them or else i would "pollute them" aparently, with many appologies, but could you help me collect them by today's meeting, it's right after school
Great! Get them before the meeing okay?


Thanks for wasting Five Minutes of my life


7:05 AM=Enters school grounds

7:15 AM= Observes on-going clubs

8:00 AM=goes to class 2-1 and sits at his desk(Morning Class)

1:00 PM=Reports to counselor,Headmaster or Student council President

1:10 PM=Eats in an random storage room

1:30 PM =goes to class 2-1 and sits at his desk(Afternoon Class)

3:30 PM =Joins Nerd-chan in the library.

(On Certain days after school, he would have a meeting in the Council room)

Match Making

  1. At the start of the game, Tenshi has a crush on Nerd-chan, however, he would decline the accusations of him having a crush on her. The player must then woo him into realizing his love for her, he would confess a day before Nerd-chan would confess to Taro.The following day would be a free day for the player, allowing them to focus on their reputation.
  2. Another way is too kill his darling sister Shimoda Fukami, sending him through a wormhole of depression. Nerd-chan, who is his best friend, would pity him, hence having most of her time comforting the heart broken friend. This causes Nerd-chan to feel empathy for once to real life people than silly character from books. She would gradually gain a love interest to Tenshi, on the last week they would become an official couple. Even if this is the easiest way, A week after his sister's death, Tenshi would inform the head master of a killer in the school, a group of students would help him search every court,hall,room,chests of the school for any traces of a murderer or a kidnapper. Making it harder for the player to kill or kidnap anyone else.


Aki Nakao {Friends}

Also Dubbed "Nerd-Chan" , Tenshi and Nerd-Chan are best friends, sometimes showing affection to each other.{Match Making}.

The Basu Twins{One Sided-Hate, Basu Sisters don't even know Him}

Tenshi has never met them personally, but from the rumours of them being demons. He already has his blood boiled for em. Sometimes other students would tease him about aparently " Like-Liking" them.

Shimoda Fukami{Sister}

Shimoda Fukami is Tenshi's younger sister, even if she is bitter towards him, he loves her with all of his heart.

Deliquents {BAD TOUCH}

No, but seriously Tenshi would rather listen to 48 hours of children screaming then dealing with them. He is normally the victim of thier antics, for being, dubbed "Goody-Two Shoes"


-Being Complimented

"T-thank you..."

-Hearing a rumour

"Hopefully this isnt real, until then i will investigate"

-Seeing someone insane

"That prank is actually quiet real... that's rare... and scary, could you please stop?"

-Seeing someone holding a wepon (knife or katana)

"Put it down this istant, this would be held in your record"

-Wepon from club

"Are you stealing that? What i can tell you are not in the (Club Name) Club, please put it back or else i would have to inform the headmaster"

-Seeing someone taking a panty shot

"We do not condone these actions in school, this will be held in your record and the headmaster would be informed of this"

- Shimoda's panty shot

"Come near my sister again, and you're dead"

- Someone doused in gasoline

"Where did you even get gasoline on school grounds?"

-Sees a corpse/bloody wepon/blood

"...Oh my"

-Sees Sister's corpse

"Please... no... is this a sick prank? Shimoda wake up! please..."


  1. Out of all the club, he dislikes the occult club the most for an unknown reason.
  2. Tenshi would not accept favors during patrol, only during Lunch he would. If the player asks for a favor during patrol, he would be suspicious, as he thinks the player is trying to distract him.
  3. If a student distracts Tenshi , he would simply shrug it off and proceeds with patrol (shorter than normal students)
  4. He strongly disagrees of the notion that phones are allowed in school. He would either slap it out of the person's hands or gently ask them to stop using it. Depending on his mood .
  5. Don't run in the halls with scissors in your hands in his eye-sight. Just don't

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