Tekato Kizuka
Student Info
Career Unknown
Reputation over 9000
Club None
Age 18
Persona Social Butterfly (Evil when witnessing more then 5 murders)
Crush Senpai
Additional Info She has been held back one year, and is 1 year older then everyone]

Tekato Kizuka is a student in Akademi High School, and an OC made by an avarage COCONUT who likes to make OCs.


She has been held back one year. She rarely studies, and mostly doesn't bother comming to school. When she does come to school however, she met Senpai, and fell in love with him.


She is cheerfull, and a little mean at first, but later becomes insane and violent... She only lets her guard down when she's around Senpai.


She has short orange hair that is cut on one side


Senpai She met him when she came to school after being abscent for a week (she was too lazy to come to school). She fell in love with him. Senpai only loves her to fix her attitude, but might really fall for her if Yandere-Chan doesn't eliminate her.


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