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She is very tomboyish and ruff, she loves weaponry in general especially guns she is very rude, and blunt and she will do things that you probably wouldn't expect a girl to do like burp loudly or play in mud. she has no class but she does enjoy cute and sparkly things she loves girly things and cute animals she may be seen fawning over them she has lots of self respect and she cannot stand having anyone see her in a revealing outfit or something even if it is just showing the belly she would be very embaressed and shy so she doesn't swim much. She is very kindhearted though


She was raised in a houshold with 7 brothers and 2 dad's and 1 mom, her brothers...where interesting to say the least....her parents would often do forbidden acts to her siblings and she o was excluded from all of it, but she hates her parents because her 3 of her brothers made her shoot them so they could end it all she hates her parents. (the reason she was excluded from it is because their favorite) Tatsu was raised in a family of gunmen, hunters, and soulders so of course guns are a really important to the entire family they have target practice as a part of their daily routine. later on in life one of her dads died and it was a bittersweet thing since her dad well caused her brothers to basically have her kill them. She also got a pet dog that goes with her when hunting around the time that her dad died.



Despair Gb


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